Can NRI sell shares in India?

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An NRI can sell shares in India only on the availability of the stock. An NRI cannot do short selling.

An NRI can sell the shares bought through the stock exchange in the capacity of NRI through NRE PIS/NRO PIS or Non-PIS accounts or as a resident Indian or shares received as a gift, bonus or rights issue or shares allotted in IPO.

To sell the shares bought in the capacity of resident Indian, an NRI is required to first transfer the shares to NRO Demat account from the resident Demat account.

The proceeds of stock bought on the repatriation basis are credited to the NRE bank account and that bought/acquired on a non-repatriation basis is credited to NRO bank account post deduction of TDS.


1. Shabbir   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Sep 17, 2021 8:46:46 PM Reply
Sir I have
Mac Charles hotel share allotment on nri ipo.
Now registrars are say you have to open nre demat account then transfer to your demat account.
I have already nro demat account and I have demat somany share in demat account.
What to do Sir??
Pls advise.