Can an NRI invest in Indian Stock Market?

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Yes, NRIs can invest in India Stock Market. It's quite easy for NRIs to invest in Indian Stock Market. To invest in India, NRI needs the following accounts:

  • NRI Bank Account (NRE or NRO)

    This is where the money is withdrawn and deposited.

  • NRI Demat Account

    Demat account is to hold your securities in electronic format. Unlike most developed countries where equity holding is kept with the broker, in India, they are kept in a separate account called demat account. The demat account is a secured online account. You have to provide limited Power of Attorney (PoA) to your broker so that he can withdraw shares when you sell to give it to the buyer.

  • NRI Trading Account

    To place buy/sell orders.

In additions, the NRI investor also needs the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) permission by RBI for investments on a repatriation basis. Usually, the bank where you have an NRI bank account helps you get the PIS.


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