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SME IPO 2016 - Performance by Listing & Current Gains (BSE SME, NSE Emerge)

A list of all SME IPO in 2019 with their listing gains and profit/loss as per the current market price. This SME IPO Performance Tracker covers all SME IPO shares listed in the calendar year 2019.

SEBI, the market regulator in India allowed SME companies to get listed at SME platform of BSE and NSE stock exchanges in the year 2012. Many companies took this opportunity to raise funds and get benefited by listing at BSE SME and NSE Emerge platform.

Find the best SME IPO in India, worst SME IPO, and how SME IPO's has done after listing the stock exchanges.

Visit our SME IPO Performance Tracker tracks each and every SME Shares listed at the exchange.

Also, find:

The SME IPO Listing Gains report for all SME IPO in 2019. Also, find SME IPO Gain in the long term.

SME IPO Performance 2016

Company Name Listing Date Issue Price (Rs) Listing Day - Close Price (Rs) Listing Day Gain / Loss (%) Current Price
at BSE (Rs)
Current Price
at NSE (Rs)
Gain / Loss (%) Recommendation by Dilip Davda
Majestic Research Services & Solutions LtdDec 14, 2016114144.5526.88.75-92.32subscribe
Aditya Vision LtdDec 12, 20161515.271.8783.155121subscribe
Jet Freight Logistics LtdDec 06, 20162833.62081.15189.82subscribe
Agro Phos India LtdNov 16, 20162222.853.8622.62.73subscribe
Art Nirman LtdOct 19, 201625302081.7226.8avoid
Globe International Carriers LimitedOct 19, 20162424.953.9621.5-10.42subscribe
India Green Reality LtdOct 18, 20163030.150.55.51-81.63sub_long
Pansari Developers LimitedOct 18, 20162222.94.09120.45447.5subscribe
Diksat Transworld LtdOct 18, 201640412.5100.15150.38sub_long
Dhanuka Realty LimitedOct 18, 20164041.253.1319.95-50.13avoid
Aditya Consumer Marketing LtdOct 17, 20161516.51050233.33avoid
Aurangabad Distillery LimitedOct 17, 201635422077.1120.29subscribe
Bindal Exports LtdOct 17, 20161616.21.2519.521.88avoid
Mewar Hi-Tech Engineering LtdOct 17, 20162226.4202931.82avoid
Shashijit Infraprojects LtdOct 17, 20161515.251.6729.194avoid
Gretex Industries LtdOct 14, 201620242011.2-44avoid
Sakar Healthcare LimitedOct 14, 20165052.154.3146.15192.3avoid
Valiant Organics LtdOct 14, 2016220264201143.7419.86subscribe
DRA Consultants LtdOct 13, 201610122016.767subscribe
Nandani Creation LtdOct 10, 20162833.6204146.43avoid
Jet Knitwears LimitedOct 07, 20163946.82089128.21avoid
AVSL Industries LimitedOct 06, 20163636035.35-1.81avoid
Radhika Jeweltech LtdSep 27, 20167571-5.33153.6104.8avoid
Crown Lifters LimitedSep 27, 2016121109-9.9226.9-77.77subscribe
Husys Consulting LtdSep 27, 20166960.6-12.1785.1523.41subscribe
Spicy Entertainment & Media LtdSep 15, 2016109.7-34.06-59.4subscribe
Sprayking Agro Equipment LtdSep 14, 20162121.83.8129.6541.19sub_long
Riddhi Steel & Tube LtdSep 14, 20163837.65-0.9234.5-9.21subscribe
Narayani Steels LtdSep 14, 20163233.44.3812.13-62.09sub_long
Mitsu Chem Plast LtdSep 09, 20169596.21.26299.7215.47subscribe
Madhya Bharat Agro Products LtdSep 09, 20162428.820178.85645.21subscribe
Shiva Granito Export LtdSep 06, 20161212.030.255.96-50.33avoid
Prabhat Telecoms (India) LtdAug 03, 20165161.220412.3708.43avoid
Kwality Pharmaceuticals LtdJul 18, 20164544.5-1.11675.351400.78subscribe
KKV Agro Powers LtdJul 14, 20163203426.88950196.88subscribe
Commercial Syn Bags LtdJul 14, 20162428.820287.51097.92subscribe
Titaanium Ten Enterprise LtdJul 14, 20161516.912.6715.936.2subscribe
Advance Syntex LtdJul 12, 20161212.917.5811.61-3.25subscribe
United Polyfab Gujarat LtdJul 07, 20164544-2.2239.35-12.56avoid
Zeal Aqua LtdJul 07, 2016130134.63.5410.08-92.25avoid
Yash Chemex LtdJun 20, 20162324.66.9644.392.61avoid
Shanti Educational Initiatives LtdJun 14, 201690911.11217.5141.67avoid
Darshan Orna LimitedMay 19, 201660611.6795.358.83avoid
Sagardeep Alloys LtdMay 17, 20162019-539.999.5avoid
Bajaj Healthcare LtdMay 10, 2016170171.50.88444.7161.59subscribe
Ghushine Fintrrade Ocean LtdMay 05, 2016108-20subscribe
Nintec Systems LtdApr 18, 20161011.41430.15201.5subscribe
Ruby Cables LtdApr 13, 201650500subscribe
Sysco Industries LtdApr 13, 2016101220subscribe
Lancer Container Lines LtdApr 13, 20161212.65233.351844.58subscribe
Franklin Leasing and Finance LtdApr 13, 20161515.050.338.3-44.67avoid
Franklin Leasing and Finance LtdApr 13, 20161515.050.338.3-44.67avoid
Raghav Ramming Mass LtdApr 13, 20163940.052.69626.651506.79subscribe
Umiya Tubes LtdApr 01, 20161010.454.59.75-2.5subscribe
CHD Chemicals LtdApr 01, 2016118.8-2013.2720.64subscribe
Wealth First Portfolio Managers LtdMar 30, 20165051.53122144avoid
HEC Infra Projects LtdMar 30, 201610097.9-2.135.5-64.5subscribe
Khemani Distributors & Marketing LtdMar 30, 2016100101131.05-37.9avoid
Relicab Cable Manufacturing LtdMar 22, 20162020.351.7547.5137.5avoid
Hi-Tech Pipes LtdFeb 25, 201650573.41046.8subscribe
K.P. Energy LtdFeb 25, 20167070.951.36340.85386.93subscribe
Sylph Education Solutions LtdFeb 23, 20161211.4-511.25-6.25avoid
Ganga Pharmaceuticals LtdFeb 22, 20161514.5-3.3311.05-26.33avoid
Vidli Restaurants LtdFeb 15, 201610122025.05150.5subscribe
Blueblood Ventures LtdFeb 08, 20165045.05-9.910.38-79.24avoid
Fourth Dimension Solutions LtdJan 22, 2016303620subscribe
OFS Technologies LtdJan 14, 20162527.359.46.62-73.52subscribe


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