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IPO Subscription Status Live Data 2022

Company Name Close Date Size (Rs Cr) QIB (x) NII (x) Retail (x) Employee (x) Others (x) Total (x)
Radiant Cash Management Services LimitedDec 27, 2022387.941.010.660.210.53
Elin Electronics LimitedDec 22, 2022475.004.513.292.203.09
KFin Technologies LimitedDec 21, 20221500.
Abans Holdings LimitedDec 15, 2022345.604.101.480.401.10
Landmark Cars LimitedDec 15, 2022552.008.711.320.592.933.06
Sula Vineyards LimitedDec 14, 2022960.354.131.511.652.33
Uniparts India LimitedDec 02, 2022835.6167.1417.864.6325.32
Dharmaj Crop Guard LimitedNov 30, 2022251.1548.2152.2921.537.4835.49
Keystone Realtors LimitedNov 16, 2022635.003.843.030.532.01
Inox Green Energy Services LimitedNov 15, 2022740.001.050.474.701.55
Kaynes Technology India LtdNov 14, 2022857.8298.4721.214.1011.9234.16
Archean Chemical Industries LimitedNov 11, 20221462.3148.9114.909.9632.23
Five Star Business Finance LtdNov 11, 20221960.011.770.610.110.70
Bikaji Foods International LimitedNov 07, 2022881.2280.637.104.774.3826.67
Global Health LimitedNov 07, 20222205.5728.644.020.889.58
Fusion Micro Finance LimitedNov 04, 20221103.998.591.380.512.95
DCX Systems LimitedNov 02, 2022500.0084.3243.9761.7769.79
Tracxn Technologies LimitedOct 12, 2022309.381.660.804.872.01
Electronics Mart India LimitedOct 07, 2022500.00169.5463.5919.7271.93
Harsha Engineers International LtdSep 16, 2022755.00178.2671.3217.6312.0774.70
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank LimitedSep 07, 20221.622.946.482.86
Dreamfolks Services LimitedAug 26, 2022562.1070.5337.6643.6656.68
Syrma SGS Technology LtdAug 18, 2022840.0087.5617.505.5332.61
Aether Industries LimitedMay 26, 2022808.0417.572.521.141.066.26
eMudhra LimitedMay 24, 2022412.794.051.282.612.72
Ethos LimitedMay 20, 2022472.291.061.480.841.04
Paradeep Phosphates LimitedMay 19, 20221501.733.010.821.371.75
Delhivery LimitedMay 13, 20225235.002.660.300.570.270.001.63
Venus Pipes & Tubes LimitedMay 13, 2022165.4212.0215.6619.0416.31
Prudent Corporate Advisory Services LimitedMay 12, 2022538.611.260.991.291.231.22
Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)May 09, 202221008.482.832.911.994.406.122.95
Rainbow Children's Medicare LimitedApr 29, 20221580.8538.903.731.380.3112.43
Campus Activewear LimitedApr 28, 2022152.0422.257.682.1151.75
Hariom Pipe Industries LimitedApr 05, 2022130.051.918.8712.157.93
Veranda Learning Solutions LimitedMar 31, 2022200.002.023.8710.763.53
Uma Exports LimitedMar 30, 202260.002.812.2210.117.67
Ruchi Soya Industries LtdMar 28, 20224300.002.2011.750.907.763.60
Vedant Fashions LimitedFeb 08, 20223149.197.491.070.392.57
Adani Wilmar LimitedJan 31, 20223600.005.7356.303.920.5133.3317.37
AGS Transact Technologies LtdJan 21, 2022680.002.6825.613.087.79

IPO Subscription is the number of times a public issue subscribed at BSE and NSE. The investors can place the bid for IPO shares with any of the exchange (i.e. BSE or NSE). Each exchange provides live IPO subscription status on its website for the bids received by them. We publish IPO live subscription for the current IPO. We also provide the final bidding detail as of the last day of subscription for all the IPO's since 2006.

A privately held company raises fund and get listed at stock exchanges by offering its shares through Initial Public Offer IPO. Company going public receives bids from investors for shares offered through IPO. In most cases, the IPO receives the bid for more than the number of shares on offer. This means the IPO is over-subscribed.

IPO live subscription 2022 matters a lot to investors for the following reasons:

  • It shows the demand of the shares. Higher demand usually results in better listing gains.
  • Investors choose a category based on the subscription figure i.e. Retail or HNI.
  • Some IPO investors take IPO Funding based on the IPO subscription status BSE and NSE.
  • The IPO Grey Market rates movement depends on the IPO Subscription Data.

The latest IPO subscription status 2022 provided below is the sum of BSE IPO subscription status and IPO Subscription status NSE.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know how many times an IPO will get oversubscribed?

It's not easy to predict the subscription level of an IPO. The subscription level depends on factors like the issuer company fundaments, issue size, issue prices, grey market premium and market conditions.

Some analysts guess IPO over-subscription levels before IPO closes to estimate the HNI IPO Shares cost. But their prediction keeps changing until the last minute.

Most good IPOs get heavily over-subscribed in the range of 300 to 1000 times under the NII category (HNI) and 15 to 30 times in the retail category by application.

The oversubscription also depends on the demand in the grey market. Higher demand for an IPO in the grey market usually leads to higher oversubscribed.

It is difficult to derive the expected over-subscription of an IPO based on the historic data as there are too many variables to it.


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What is good GMP to understand that IPO will list in plus price.
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Above 15%
1. Rohit   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Feb 4, 2022 6:15:55 AMReply
Does the live subscription status on one of the exchange represent total bid on only that exchange or is it summation of total bid on both exchanges (assuming listing is to be done on both exchange)?