IPO Grey Market Premium Historic Data | IPO GMP Historical Price

IPO Grey Market in India is over-the-counter market where investors sell and buy IPO Shares before they get listed on stock exchanges. IPO Grey Market message board is active since July 2007 and provide valuable information from grey market around the country.

IPO Grey Market Price Historic Data

Archived GMP Messages Posts
November 2022 GMP Messages6 Posts
October 2022 GMP Messages5 Posts
September 2022 GMP Messages13 Posts
August 2022 GMP Messages12 Posts
July 2022 GMP Messages1 Posts
June 2022 GMP Messages1 Posts
May 2022 GMP Messages9 Posts
April 2022 GMP Messages5 Posts
February 2022 GMP Messages1 Posts
January 2022 GMP Messages2 Posts
December 2021 GMP Messages11 Posts
November 2021 GMP Messages6 Posts
October 2021 GMP Messages3 Posts
September 2021 GMP Messages10 Posts
August 2021 GMP Messages33 Posts
July 2021 GMP Messages36 Posts
June 2021 GMP Messages17 Posts
May 2021 GMP Messages6 Posts
April 2021 GMP Messages2 Posts
March 2021 GMP Messages44 Posts
February 2021 GMP Messages27 Posts
January 2021 GMP Messages40 Posts
December 2020 GMP Messages41 Posts
November 2020 GMP Messages6 Posts
October 2020 GMP Messages28 Posts
September 2020 GMP Messages85 Posts
August 2020 GMP Messages3 Posts
July 2020 GMP Messages15 Posts
May 2020 GMP Messages1 Posts
March 2020 GMP Messages49 Posts
February 2020 GMP Messages21 Posts
January 2020 GMP Messages11 Posts
December 2019 GMP Messages49 Posts
November 2019 GMP Messages33 Posts
October 2019 GMP Messages43 Posts
September 2019 GMP Messages16 Posts
August 2019 GMP Messages28 Posts
July 2019 GMP Messages32 Posts
June 2019 GMP Messages13 Posts
May 2019 GMP Messages8 Posts
April 2019 GMP Messages75 Posts
March 2019 GMP Messages23 Posts
February 2019 GMP Messages5 Posts
January 2019 GMP Messages20 Posts
December 2018 GMP Messages5 Posts
November 2018 GMP Messages9 Posts
October 2018 GMP Messages8 Posts
September 2018 GMP Messages61 Posts
August 2018 GMP Messages136 Posts
July 2018 GMP Messages184 Posts
June 2018 GMP Messages90 Posts
May 2018 GMP Messages83 Posts
April 2018 GMP Messages53 Posts
March 2018 GMP Messages158 Posts
February 2018 GMP Messages86 Posts
January 2018 GMP Messages176 Posts
December 2017 GMP Messages207 Posts
November 2017 GMP Messages416 Posts
October 2017 GMP Messages950 Posts
September 2017 GMP Messages939 Posts
August 2017 GMP Messages592 Posts
July 2017 GMP Messages925 Posts
June 2017 GMP Messages546 Posts
May 2017 GMP Messages964 Posts
April 2017 GMP Messages742 Posts
March 2017 GMP Messages2331 Posts
February 2017 GMP Messages884 Posts
January 2017 GMP Messages651 Posts
December 2016 GMP Messages414 Posts
November 2016 GMP Messages505 Posts
October 2016 GMP Messages1422 Posts
September 2016 GMP Messages1410 Posts
August 2016 GMP Messages1180 Posts
July 2016 GMP Messages2201 Posts
June 2016 GMP Messages1270 Posts
May 2016 GMP Messages1562 Posts
April 2016 GMP Messages1573 Posts
March 2016 GMP Messages246 Posts
February 2016 GMP Messages1006 Posts
January 2016 GMP Messages777 Posts
December 2015 GMP Messages808 Posts
November 2015 GMP Messages276 Posts
October 2015 GMP Messages259 Posts
September 2015 GMP Messages211 Posts
August 2015 GMP Messages389 Posts
July 2015 GMP Messages211 Posts
June 2015 GMP Messages51 Posts
May 2015 GMP Messages178 Posts
April 2015 GMP Messages667 Posts
March 2015 GMP Messages220 Posts
February 2015 GMP Messages20 Posts
January 2015 GMP Messages6 Posts
December 2014 GMP Messages260 Posts
November 2014 GMP Messages90 Posts
October 2014 GMP Messages46 Posts
September 2014 GMP Messages671 Posts
August 2014 GMP Messages60 Posts
July 2014 GMP Messages1 Posts
May 2014 GMP Messages20 Posts
April 2014 GMP Messages48 Posts
March 2014 GMP Messages10 Posts
February 2014 GMP Messages57 Posts
January 2014 GMP Messages15 Posts
December 2013 GMP Messages136 Posts
November 2013 GMP Messages26 Posts
August 2013 GMP Messages1 Posts
July 2013 GMP Messages2 Posts
June 2013 GMP Messages30 Posts
May 2013 GMP Messages71 Posts
April 2013 GMP Messages12 Posts
March 2013 GMP Messages1 Posts
February 2013 GMP Messages39 Posts
January 2013 GMP Messages17 Posts
December 2012 GMP Messages238 Posts
November 2012 GMP Messages17 Posts
October 2012 GMP Messages12 Posts
September 2012 GMP Messages7 Posts
August 2012 GMP Messages13 Posts
July 2012 GMP Messages2 Posts
June 2012 GMP Messages3 Posts
May 2012 GMP Messages39 Posts
April 2012 GMP Messages58 Posts
March 2012 GMP Messages349 Posts
February 2012 GMP Messages559 Posts
January 2012 GMP Messages198 Posts
December 2011 GMP Messages18 Posts
November 2011 GMP Messages21 Posts
October 2011 GMP Messages98 Posts
September 2011 GMP Messages139 Posts
August 2011 GMP Messages244 Posts
July 2011 GMP Messages283 Posts
June 2011 GMP Messages138 Posts
May 2011 GMP Messages389 Posts
April 2011 GMP Messages229 Posts
March 2011 GMP Messages354 Posts
February 2011 GMP Messages90 Posts
January 2011 GMP Messages132 Posts
December 2010 GMP Messages548 Posts
November 2010 GMP Messages484 Posts
October 2010 GMP Messages332 Posts
September 2010 GMP Messages140 Posts
August 2010 GMP Messages60 Posts
July 2010 GMP Messages60 Posts
June 2010 GMP Messages17 Posts
May 2010 GMP Messages26 Posts
April 2010 GMP Messages54 Posts
March 2010 GMP Messages102 Posts
February 2010 GMP Messages68 Posts
January 2010 GMP Messages17 Posts
December 2009 GMP Messages8 Posts
November 2009 GMP Messages1 Posts
October 2009 GMP Messages42 Posts
September 2009 GMP Messages87 Posts
August 2009 GMP Messages210 Posts
July 2009 GMP Messages63 Posts
June 2009 GMP Messages23 Posts
May 2009 GMP Messages5 Posts
March 2009 GMP Messages1 Posts
February 2009 GMP Messages3 Posts
January 2009 GMP Messages3 Posts
December 2008 GMP Messages5 Posts
October 2008 GMP Messages9 Posts
September 2008 GMP Messages9 Posts
August 2008 GMP Messages1 Posts
July 2008 GMP Messages19 Posts
June 2008 GMP Messages114 Posts
May 2008 GMP Messages45 Posts
April 2008 GMP Messages30 Posts
March 2008 GMP Messages25 Posts
February 2008 GMP Messages96 Posts
January 2008 GMP Messages130 Posts
December 2007 GMP Messages174 Posts
November 2007 GMP Messages237 Posts
October 2007 GMP Messages204 Posts
September 2007 GMP Messages176 Posts
August 2007 GMP Messages133 Posts
July 2007 GMP Messages51 Posts


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