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Cameo Corporate Services Limited IPO Registrar Review

Incorporated in 1985, Cameo Corporate Services Limited is a Chennai based Registrars to the Issue and Securities Transfer Agent in India. In last around 25 years, company has gain vast experience in various business including medical & business transcription & data conversion, services to the banking industry, registry and securities transfer and records management.

Cameo is one of the leading IPO registrars in India and having experience of handling more then 200 public and right issues as of year 2007. Cameo also provides share transfer agent related services to more then 300 companies. Cameo provides depository services through NSDL & CDSL for Dematerialisation / Rematerialisation of shares.

Cameo Corporate Services Limited
Cameo Corporate Services Ltd.,
Subramanian Building # 1, Club House Road,
Chennai 600 002 - India

Phone: +91-44-28460390
Fax: +91-44-28460129

IPO's by Cameo Corporate Services Limited as Registrar

Issuer CompanyExchangeIssue Open
Alphalogic Techsys Ltd IPO BSE SME Aug 26, 2019
Artemis Electricals Limited IPO BSE SME Apr 24, 2019
Northern Spirits Limited IPO BSE SME Mar 22, 2019
Shankar Lal Rampal Dye-Chem Limited IPO BSE SME Dec 12, 2018
Diksha Greens Limited IPO BSE SME Nov 26, 2018
Iris Clothings Limited IPO NSE SME Oct 10, 2018
A-1 Acid Limited IPO BSE SME Sep 25, 2018
Add-Shop Promotions Limited IPO BSE SME Aug 21, 2018
Debock Sales and Marketing Ltd IPO NSE SME May 24, 2018
Dr Lalchandani Labs Limited IPO BSE SME Apr 25, 2018
Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd IPO NSE SME Mar 19, 2018
East India Securities Ltd IPO BSE SME Mar 5, 2018
Medico Remedies Ltd IPO BSE SME Jan 29, 2018
Ajooni Biotech Limited IPO NSE SME Dec 20, 2017
7NR Retails Ltd IPO BSE SME Jul 5, 2017
CKP Products Ltd IPO NSE SME Apr 26, 2017
Octaware Technologies Ltd IPO BSE SME Mar 17, 2017
Super Fine Knitters Ltd IPO BSE SME Jan 18, 2017
Aditya Vision Ltd IPO BSE SME Nov 28, 2016
Aditya Consumer Marketing Ltd IPO BSE SME Sep 29, 2016
Prabhat Telecoms (India) Ltd IPO BSE SME Jul 22, 2016
CHD Chemicals Ltd IPO BSE SME Mar 21, 2016
HEC Infra Projects Ltd IPO NSE SME Mar 10, 2016
Tejnaksh Healthcare Ltd IPO BSE SME Sep 30, 2015
Vaksons Automobiles Limited IPO BSE SME Sep 28, 2015
P. B. Films Limited IPO BSE SME Sep 1, 2015
Shareway Securities Ltd IPO BSE SME
Edynamics Solutions Ltd IPO BSE SME Jun 10, 2013
HPC Biosciences Ltd IPO BSE SME Mar 1, 2013
Esteem Bio Organic Food Processing Ltd IPO BSE SME Jan 18, 2013
Eco Friendly Food Processing Park Ltd IPO BSE SME Dec 27, 2012
RCL Retail Limited IPO BSE SME Sep 27, 2012
Anshu's Clothing Limited IPO BSE SME Sep 26, 2012
Thejo Engineering Ltd IPO NSE SME Sep 4, 2012
Olympic Cards Ltd IPO BSE Mar 9, 2012
Swajas Air Charters Ltd IPO BSE, NSE Sep 26, 2011
VMS Industries Ltd IPO BSE May 30, 2011
Midvalley Entertainment Ltd IPO BSE Jan 10, 2011
RPP Infra Projects Ltd IPO BSE, NSE Nov 18, 2010
Alkali Metals Limited IPO BSE, NSE Oct 7, 2008
Bafna Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO BSE May 27, 2008
Kiri Dyes and Chemicals Limited IPO BSE, NSE Mar 25, 2008
Shriram EPC Limited IPO BSE, NSE Jan 29, 2008
Empee Distilleries Limited IPO BSE, NSE Nov 1, 2007
Circuit Systems (India) Ltd IPO BSE Sep 27, 2007
Dhanus Technologies Limited IPO BSE, NSE Sep 10, 2007
Refex Refrigerants Limited IPO BSE Jul 23, 2007
Simplex Projects Limited IPO BSE, NSE Jul 10, 2007
Everonn Systems India Limited IPO BSE, NSE Jul 5, 2007
Tubeknit Fashions Limited IPO BSE, NSE Feb 21, 2007
Raj Television Network Ltd IPO BSE, NSE Feb 14, 2007
Indian Bank IPO BSE, NSE Feb 5, 2007
Redington (India) Limited IPO BSE, NSE Jan 22, 2007
Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd IPO BSE, NSE Dec 11, 2006


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