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Cloud Order

A special feature offered by ICICI securities for traders to create and save orders anytime and execute it during market hours.

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What is a Cloud Order from ICICIdirect?

Cloud Order is a feature offered by ICICI securities wherein you can place quick orders in Options. You can create and save orders anytime and these orders can be placed during market hours. It helps you save time in filling order details during the busy market hours. You can also modify and delete these cloud orders as per your trading needs.

How to place a Cloud Order?

  • Login to your ICICIdirect account. On the dashboard, click on ‘Trade & Invest’ on the top menu.
  • Now on the left side menu, click on ‘F&O’ and then on ‘Cloud Orders’. On the main page, click on ‘Add to My Cloud’ button.
  • On the next page, select your preferred product. Now set your preferred Option contract by selecting the option type and strike price.
  • Next enter order details like Quantity, Order Type and Cover SLTP difference. Click on ‘Save to Cloud’.
  • On the left side menu, click on ‘F&O’ and then on ‘Cloud Orders’. You can see your cloud order on the screen.

To place a Cloud Order, click on the 'Buy/Sell' link against the Cloud Order. An order placement page with all the order details will appear and you just need to click on the submit the order.

What are the timings to place a Cloud Order?

A Cloud Order can be placed anytime. You can add an order during market hours as well after the market is closed.

Can I modify a Cloud Order? How to modify a cloud order?

Yes, you can modify a Cloud Order and change your order details like quantity, order type, and limit price etc. To modify a cloud order, click on the ‘Modify’ link available against the order on the ‘Cloud Order’ page.

Can I delete a Cloud Order?

Yes, you can delete Cloud Orders. You can delete a single order or multiple orders at once. To delete a cloud order, just check the box under ‘Delete’ column against your order.

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