Which is better limit order or market order?

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An investor must decide if a Market Order or a Limit Order is best suited to his trading objective. Below are some comparisons between a Market Order and a Limit Order.

Limit Order Vs Market Order

Limit Order Market Order

A limit order is to set a limit price on the buy or sell order.

A market order is to execute the trade instantly at the current market price.

A limit order gives control over the price.

A market order is for quick execution.

The trade may doesn't get executed in Limit Order when the price doesn't reach.

Markets orders usually get executed as long as there is a buyer or seller available.

Limit Orders guarantee the price at which the order gets executed.

Market Orders doesn't offer a price guarantee.

Limit order works well when liquidity is low in the market for a particular share.

Market order works well with high liquidity of shares available in the market for buy and sell.


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