What options do NRIs living in the USA have to invest in the Indian stock market without visiting India?

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NRIs living in the United States can invest online in Indian Stock Exchanges. They can invest in equities, equity derivatives, currency derivatives, mutual funds, bonds, and IPOs.

Note: Intraday trading in stocks and commodity trading in India is not permitted for NRIs.

To invest in BSE and NSE, an NRI needs the following accounts:

  1. NRI Bank Account (NRE PIS for investment on repatriation basis/NRO Non-PIS Account for investment on non-repatriation basis)
  2. NRI Trading Account
  3. NRI Demat Account

To invest in Equity F & O, an NRI needs to open a custodial account and get a CP code from a Clearing Member. The CP code is not required if the stock broker itself is an SCM (Self Clearing Member) to settle the trades made for the broker in equity derivatives.

US-based NRIs are required to comply with the FATCA compliance process to invest in Indian Stock Exchanges.


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