What is margin in Fyers?

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Fyers offers intraday margin (or exposure) up to 16x. The actual limit offered depends on the stock or instrument you are trading. This facility allows Fyers customers to trade more than the funds available in their account. Fyers offers margin facility only on intraday trades.

Note: Fyers doesn't offer margin funding. The margins are only available in intraday positions closed the same trading day.

In a normal trade, you have to pay 100% of the value in cash to buy shares. With Margin Trading, on select stocks, you can pay a small percentage of the trade value and the rest will be paid by Fyers. This allows you to trade in larger value than what you could have done without funding.

Fyers Margin

Segment Trading Margin (Intraday Only)


Up to 16x (based on the stock)

Equity Future

4x of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)

Equity Option

Sell 4x, Buy with CO 1.3x, Buy without CO 1x

Currency Future

2.5x of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)

Currency Option

2.5x of Total margin (Span+ Exposure)


  • The margin exposure is available only for intraday trades.
  • No exposure on carry forward F&O positions.
  • No margin in equity delivery trade
  • The extent of exposure varies based on the quality of stocks.
  • Not all stocks qualify for margin facility.
  • The exposure limits change daily.


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