What is ICICI Direct DP id?

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Your ICICI DP ID is a part of your demat account number. The demat account number is a 16 digit alphanumeric code. The first 8 letters of the demat account number is your DP ID and the rest 8 digits is your client ID. To know your ICICI Direct DP ID, take the following steps:

  • Login to ICICI Direct website
  • Go to 'Customer Service' page
  • Scroll down to My Account.
  • Find your demat account number under My Account Details.

Note: The CDSL demat account number is 16-digit numeric code. The NSDL demat account number starts with letter IN and followed by a 14-digit numeric code.


If your ICICI Direct Demat Account Number is IN303028 - 51120994, then your ICICI Direct DP ID is IN303028. This also shows that your demat account is with NSDL.

Note: As ICICI is a depository participant (DP) of both CDSL and NSDL, it has multiple DP IDs. Use the above step to check the exact DP ID for your account.


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