What is depository detail in IPO application?

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While applying for an IPO, you have to fill up the following depository details;

  • Depository- NSDL and CDSL are the two depositories operating in India. You have to choose the depository where you have your demat account.
  • DP Name- It stands for Depository Participant (DP) name. In most cases, it is the name of your stock broker.
  • DP ID- The Depository Participant ID (DP ID) of your stock broker. It is an 8 digit numeric (CDSL) or alpha-numeric (NCDL) id.
  • Client ID - A unique ID assigned to the client. It is an 8-digit Demat account number.
  • Beneficiary DP account number - A Beneficiary DP account number is applicable only for CDSL. It is a 16-digit unique Demat account number. It is a combination of 8 digit DP id and 8 digit client id.

Example: If you have an account with Ventura Securities Ltd. following would be your depository details for an IPO application;

Depository Details Example



DP Name

Ventura Securities Ltd.



Client ID (Sample)


Beneficiary DP account number



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