What is an account opening charge in Choice Broking?

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Choice Broking offers free account opening with a waiver of annual maintenance charges for the first year for the individuals. 

While the account opening is free, Choice Broking charges an AMC of Rs 200 + GST for individuals and Rs 1000 + GST for corporates as the basic plan. The company also has other special AMC schemes as per below. 

For individuals

  1. Lifetime AMC Free Plan (One Time - Non-refundable): Rs 1,500 + GST
  2. Lifetime AMC Free Plan (One Time - Refundable): Rs 3,000

 For corporates

  1. Lifetime AMC Free Plan (One Time - Non-refundable): Rs 5,000 + GST

Points to Note: 

  • The first year AMC is free only for individuals. For corporates, the AMC charges are applicable from the first year.
  • The company charges AMC as per the basic plan from the second year by default in case no other scheme is selected.


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