What happens if we do not Pay Maintenance Charges to 5paisa?

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5paisa will charge you interest for the period of non-payment of AMC. The account may also be blocked for the transaction or closed in case AMC not paid.

In case of not paying the account maintenance charge (AMC) to 5paisa within 30 days from the date of demand, the stockbroker charges interest for the due period as specified in its charge lists. 5paisa also has the right to block the transaction requests and processing of instructions until you deposit the AMC with interest.

The AMC is an annual fee charged by stockbrokers for maintaining your demat accounts. It is a fixed charge which you need to pay every year irrespective of whether you are holding any securities in your account or not.

Some brokers offer Zero AMC Demat Accounts. Here's our article on Lifetime Free AMC Demat Account that provides you with tips on finding a zero AMC demat account and also lists stock brokers offering lifetime free AMC demat account.


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