What are the bank charges to open a PIS account?

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The PIS account opening charges vary from bank to bank. These are one-time charges required to be paid at the time of opening an account. Once the account is opened, you are required to pay annual maintenance fees (AMC) as charges towards maintaining the account. Apart from this, you also need to pay a fee for every buy and sell transaction executed through the PIS account.

PIS Charges List by Bank

Bank Name

PIS Account Opening Charges

AMC Charges

Other Charges

SBI Cap Securities

Rs 750/

NIL (for 1st year)

Rs 1,000 from 2nd year)


HDFC Securities

Rs 1,000

Rs 1,000

Rs 100 per trade

ICICI Securities


NIL (for 1st year)

Rs 2,500 (from 2nd year)

Rs 50 per contract

Axis Bank

Rs 1,000

Rs 1,500

Rs 150 per trade

Kotak Securities

Rs 1,500

Rs 1,000

Rs 100 per contract


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