What are Depository Charges?

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The depository charges (demat account charges or DP charges) are collected by depository participants (DPs) for offering demat account-related services to customers.

In most cases, the stock broker whom the customer has a trading account also is a member of a depository. They charge the customer for all demat account-related transactions.

Here is the list of demat account transaction charges:

  • Account Opening Charges
  • Account Maintenance Charges (Demat AMC)
  • Debit Transaction Charges (Sale Transactions)
  • Off-Market Debit Transaction Charges
  • Pledge Creation Fees
  • Pledge Invocation Fees
  • Dematerialisation Charges
  • Rematerialisation Charges
  • Modification in Address, E-mail, Mobile and Bank Updation Fee
  • Delivery Instruction Slip Charges
  • Account Statement Charges

To know more about these charges please visit the Demat Account Fees & Charges page.


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