Upstox is good or bad?

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Upstox is an online discount broker offering trading services in stocks and commodities. It is one of the 200+ large stock broker offering retail trading services, who are in the business for 10 to 25 years.

No broker is good or bad. It depends if a broker suites your requirement for trading and investment.

Read upstox review and compare it with top brokers to find which broker best suits you:

Here are a few pros and cons of Upstox which may help you determine if upstox is good for you.

Upstox Advantages and Disadvantages

Upstox Advantages Upstox Disadvantages
  • Brokerage Free Equity Delivery segment
  • Ultra-low broker (Rs 20 per trade) for Intraday and F&O
  • Commission-free Direct Mutual Funds
  • Excellent online trading platform (Website and Mobile App)
  • Bracket and Cover Orders available
  • Margin against share is available
  • No neighborhood offices in your town. It's an online broker.
  • No personal relationship manager
  • No research and advisory services
  • No GTC Orders
  • Doesn't offer NRI trading account
  • Margin funding not available
  • Additional Rs 20 for Call & Trade orders
  • Additional Rs 20 for the auto square of intraday orders
  • It doesn't offer monthly unlimited trading plans.
  • It doesn't offer API to alog traders.


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Pathetic Customer Support. It should not be called as support if the team has got only 1 answer for every query.; Sir we can only arrange a call back for you in 24-48. Fuc*ers, we need your help thats why we need your support at that point of time. Understand this and then only call yourself as support team

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