How to view the CDSL client id?

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You can view your CDSL client id in the Demat Account Statement or on the broker website. A client id is unique to a Demat account. If you have more than one Demat account, each demat account will have a different client ID.

CDSL client ID is a unique 8-digit number provided to every demat account by CDSL. The combination of the CDSL DP ID (8 digits) and CDSL Client ID becomes customer Demat Account Number.

Demat Account Number (16 digit) = CDSL DP ID (8 digit) + CDSL Client ID (8 digit)

For example, if your demat account number is 1208160012121314, then:

  • DP ID is 12081600
  • Client ID is 12121314

Note: CDSL DP ID is 8 digits unique ID assigned to the broker who is a depository participant (DP) with CDSL.

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