How to use Alice Blue API?

Alice Blue Account Opening

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Alice Blue offers ANT Plus free APIs to its customers and business partners. You need to have an account with Alice Blue to use Alice blue APIs. ANT Plus APIs help you build your own, customized trading platform with real-time market prices and data.

You need to drop an email to to get free access to APIs. Once you get a response from Alice Blue, you need to generate Alice Blue API keys.

Steps to use Alice Blue APIs:

  1. Get your unique API secret by logging in to the
  2. Click on 'Create an app'.
  3. Enter 'App Name' and 'Redirect URI' ( back)
  4. Copy the 'App Id' and 'App Secret' required to generate an access token.
  5. Create access token using login and get_access_token() function with your username, password, 2FA (year of birth), App_id and App_secret.
  6. Once the access_token gets generated, you can start working with the Alice Blue APIs.

You can refer to Alice Blue API documentation for more details.


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