How to register nominee in ICICI Demat Account Online?

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The registration of nominees in the ICICI demat account is an offline process. It cannot be done online. You will have to download a nomination application form, fill it, sign it and submit it to the bank.

Steps to update nominee to ICICI demat account

  • Print, fill and sign the form.
  • Attach Copy of any proof of identity like PAN, Driving License of Nominee (major) or of guardian (if minor) is required. It needs to be self-attested and to be attested by the respective authority.
  • Submit it to any ICICI bank or send it to the address provided in the form.


  • Nominations can be made only by account holders. In the case of the joint account, all account holders will sign the nomination form.
  • Both major or minor nominees can be nominated.
  • Up to 3 nominees can be added in a demat account. In the case of multiple nominees, the percentage of share for each nominee must be filled that shall total up to 100%. In the event of non-indication of any percentage share, the claims will be settled equally amongst all the nominees.


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