How to fill Angel One account closure form?

Angel One Account Opening

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To close your Angel One account, download the PDF file of the account closure form, print it, fill it, sign it and send it to the address given in the form.

Using the account closure form, you could close demat or trading or both the accounts. The form can be downloaded here; Angel One Account Closure Form PDF.

The form is divided into 3 parts for easier understanding.

  1. Choose the account to close
    • Depending on whether you want to close trading, demat (DP) or trading & demat (Trading & DP), put a tick on the appropriate box.
    • Enter the date next to it.
    • Put a tick on BO
    Choose the account to close
  2. Enter Demat Account Information
    • Fill in the account holder's details.
    • Fill in details of remaining security balances in the account (if any). If you've already sold or transferred the securities to another demat then tick on 'Not Applicable'.
    • The DP ID and Client ID needs to be filled only if you currently have securities held in your demat account else keep it blank. If you have some securities in your account and you want it partially or completely transferred or rematerialized then provide the DP ID and Client ID of your other demat account.
    • Sign by all account holders.
    Enter Demat Account Information
  3. Enter Trading Account Information

    This section is relevant if you want to close your trading account only or both trading & demat accounts.

    • Enter your name and trading KYC code.
    • Enter your branch tag and name, sub-broker tag and sub-broker name
    • Select the segments for closure. If you want to close the account completely then select 'All Segment'.
    • Select the reason for closing the account and sign.
    Enter Trading Account Information

    Finally, submit or courier the form along with unused DIS (if any) to your respective branch office.


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