How to close the Alice Blue account?

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You can close the Alice Blue account anytime if you are not using it. However, the Trading/Demat account cannot be closed online. You need to fill and submit a physical application form.

Steps to Close your Alice Blue Account

You need to clear the negative balance in your account (if any) and send the below documents to the Alice Blue branch:

  1. Account Closure Form(available on the Alice Blue website from the Downloads section at the bottom of the homepage)
  2. CMR (Client Master Report) and copy of the New/Target Demat Account(if applicable). (Depository seal and signature and the Clients signature is mandatory)
  3. Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS)(mandatory if there are any inactive scrips in the DP Account).

Your account will be closed after a month post receipt of the application or the date of settlement of the accounts, whichever is later.


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