How to close IIFL Demat account?

IIFL Securities Account Opening

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IIFL Demat account can be closed offline only by submitting the account closure form to the nearest branch of IIFL. This cannot be done online or by contacting customer support.

Steps to close the IIFL Demat account

  1. Download the account closure form.
  2. Print, fill the required details, and sign.
  3. Submit the form to the nearest branch or courier it to the company's address.

Points to Note:

  • Clear any outstanding dues failing which the account closure request can be rejected.
  • Transfer any securities from your IIFL Demat account to another Demat account.
  • Submit the unused delivery instruction slip to the DP.
  • The account closure process takes about 7 to 10 days.
  • The form should be signed by all the account holders.


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