How to close Aditya Birla Money Demat account?

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This is recommended to close your account if you don't have any plan to trade in the near future. Because you have to bare maintenance fees to even keeping the unused account.

Aditya Birla offers 2 in 1 account. If you need to close these 2 in 1 account for any reason then you can do it anytime. There are zero charges for account closure.

However, to accelerate the account closure process, the account holder has to ensure few things like-

  • Clear your demat accounts by selling or switching your existing securities to another demat account
  • Clear any due balance with the company
  • Submit unused delivery instruction booklet slips

Note that the account closing process is completely offline and cannot be done online or over the phone. To close the account you need to get a physical account closure form, fill and sign it and submit it directly to the company. Also if it's joint accounts, the signature of all account holders is mandatory.

To close the demat account, the below steps has to follow:

  1. Download the account closure form from their website
  2. Print it and fill it with all the required information
  3. Sign it and attach photocopies of all required documents
  4. Submit to the nearest branch or courier it to Aditya Birla Money office address provided on the form

It takes around 7-10 business days to close the account. In case you don't get a confirmation in 2 weeks, you can follow up with branch or Aditya Birla Money customer service.

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