How to check the status of IPO through Choice Broking?

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Choice Broking Jiffy displays the status of IPO application under 'IPO Transactions' within its dedicated IPO section as subscribed, modified, canceled, or failed. 

  1. The subscribed status denotes that your IPO subscription has been successful for which you would receive the UPI mandate for approval.
  2. The modified messagereflects that you have changed the Price or Quantity in the IPO application
  3. The canceledmessage is reflected when you have canceled the IPO Application.
  4. The failed status is displayed when your IPO subscription has failed and you would need to re-initiate the IPO application process afresh. 

It is important to note that the above are the statuses of your IPO application transaction and is different from the IPO allotment status

Choice Broking does not have its own IPO allotment tracking. You would receive an SMS and email on your registered mobile number and mail id notifying you of your allotment status. You can check the status of your IPO applied through Choice Broking from the IPO registrar's website or by visiting the IPO Allotment Status Page on our site.


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