How to buy stocks in Upstox?

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Upstox customers can buy stocks using upstox online trading platform including upstox pro web or upstox web mobile.

Upstox Pro Web is a trading website that can be accessed from any device with a web browser. Upstox Pro Mobile is a mobile trading app for Android and iOS.

Steps to buy stocks in Upstox Pro Web

To buy shares in upstox pro web:

  1. Open website in a web browser
  2. Login with user id and password
  3. Click + sign on the left side to add stock to watchlist
  4. Click on the [B] button next to the added stock to buy stocks.

Steps to buy stocks in Upstox Pro Mobile

To buy stocks in upstox pro mobile:

  1. Download and open Upstox Pro Mobile app on your phone
  2. Login with user id and password
  3. Open the 'Watchlist' by clicking the first button at the bottom.
  4. Search and add the stock
  5. Click the green 'Buy' button at the bottom.


  • Transfer funds from a bank account to your trading account before placing a buy order.
  • Shares are credited in your demat account in T+2 days where T is the day of trading.


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