How to apply for multiple IPO applications?

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You can apply for multiple IPO applications using 3rd party IPO application facility. Though you can apply for up to 5 IPO applications, you cannot apply for more than one IPO application in one name.

Banks like SBI, Axis, Bank of Baroda, IndusInd, and RBL offer 3rd Party IPO applications. You can apply in up to 5 IPO applications using one bank account with these banks. If you have a bank account in any of these banks, you could apply multiple IPO applications in the name of a family member or friend, as long as they have their Demat account and PAN number.

The 3rd Party IPO application is the only online mode for applying IPOs for Minor and HUF accounts.

You cannot apply for multiple IPO applications if you do not have a bank account with either of the above banks offering the 3rd Party IPO application feature.


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