How much is Unlimited trading monthly fee?

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The unlimited trading plans offer literally unlimited brokerage free trading in the given segment for a month for a fixed monthly fee.

There are few stock brokers who offer an unlimited trading plan in India. Following the list of unlimited trading brokers and their charges:

Unlimited Trading Monthly Fee (Fixed Brokerage)

Broker Plan Name Segment Exchange Fixed Charges
ProStocks Monthly Plan Equities & Derivatives BSE, NSE Rs 899 per month
  Monthly Plan Currency Derivatives BSE, NSE Rs 499 per month
SAS Online Equity Plan Equities & Derivatives BSE, NSE Rs 999 per month
  Commodity Plan Commodity MCX Rs 999 per month
  Currency Plan Currency Derivatives NSE Rs 499 per month
Tradeplus F&O Plan Equities & Derivatives BSE, NSE Rs 799 (Futures), Rs 99 (Options)
  Commodity Trading Commodity MCX Rs 99 (Futures), Rs 99 (Options)
  Currency Trading Currency Derivatives NSE Rs 99 (Futures), Rs 99 (Options)


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