How is Paytm Money brokerage calculated?

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Paytm Money follows a simple pricing model based on a flat fee. It charges a lower of Rs 10 or 0.05% of trade value as the brokerage for Equity Intraday trades. The minimum brokerage charged by the broker is 0.05% of trade value and the maximum brokerage charged is Rs 10.

For example, if you place an Intraday buy order for 1000 shares of XYZ Ltd. at Rs 50, 0.05% of the trade value comes to Rs 25. Since the brokerage charged by Paytm Money is lower of Rs 10 or 0.05%, you are required to pay only Rs 10 as the brokerage for this transaction.

Let's take a second example wherein you sell 10 shares of A1B Ltd. at Rs 500 for an Intraday order, 0.05% of trade value comes to Rs 2.5. Thus, in this case, you are required to pay only Rs 2.5 as brokerage as it is lower than Rs 10.

Paytm Money charges flat Rs 10 for F&O transactions irrespective of the trade value.

The company offers free Equity Delivery trades. It charges a minimum of Rs 0.01 for each executed order.


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