How can NRI invest in the Indian stock market without PIS?

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An NRI can invest in the Indian stock market without PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) subject to certain restrictions. However, an NRI is only allowed to invest in following shares through a non-PIS account:

  • Shares acquired through a non- PIS.
  • Shares bought through IPO's.
  • Shares gifted from relatives.
  • Shares bought as resident Indian.

The investments without a PIS account will be considered as domestic investments and will be treated at par with the investments made by resident Indians. To invest without PIS, you need to use a non-PIS bank account.


1. Meg   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Jun 28, 2020 11:30:54 AM Reply
This means the NRI can open a resident demat account and operate it as a resident indian