What is the difference between NRE & NRO demat account?

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NRE vs NRO Demat Account

NRE demat account is for investments on a repatriation basis and the NRO demat account is for investments on a non-repatriation basis. NRE demat is linked with NRE Bank Account (PIS or Non-PIS) whereas the NRO Demat is linked with the NRI Non-PIS account.


NRE demat account

NRO demat account


For investments on repatriation basis

For investments on non-repatriation basis

Type of linked bank account

NRE Bank Account

NRO Bank Account

Repatriation of Funds

Full Repatriable

The principal amount is repatriable after taxation. You can transfer up to USD 1 million in a financial year. Interest earned is repatriable. TDS is deducted.


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