Can we transfer from NSDL to CDSL?

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Yes, we can transfer shares from NSDL to CDSL demat account. The transfer of securities from an account in NSDL, to an account in CDSL is called an inter-depository transfer. You have to contact your stock broker whom you have your NSDL Demat Account to being the transfer.

Features of Inter-Depository transfers

  • An inter-depository transfer can be done only for securities which can be stored in the electronic form in both the depositories.
  • For debiting the account with NSDL, an investor submits the 'Inter-depository delivery instruction' form to the DP.
  • For crediting the account, standing instructions for automatically crediting the account are applicable. If not, an investor should submit the 'Inter-Depository Receipt Instruction' form to the DP.
  • Inter - depository transfers happen on each working day.
  • In the online inter-depository transfer (OLIDT) module, Inter-Depository Transfer instructions for the day are exchanged online between the two depositories.
  • Government securities cannot be transferred from one depository to another using this facility.


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