Can I open a Joint Trading Account?

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No, a joint trading account is not allowed. By law, it becomes a partnership firm.

A Demat account could be opened as a joint account. Up to 3 people could be part of the demat account. The demat account also has a nomination facility. 

Ket Facts

  • One person can open only 1 trading account with a particular broker.
  • One person can open as many trading accounts as he wants but each should be with a different stockbroker.
  • A trading account can be opened in the name of a partnership firm, private limited, HUF, etc. 
  • A demat account cannot be opened in the name of a partnership firm. It has to be open in the name of the partner.

A trading account is to buy/sell shares in the stock market. An investor needs a trading account with a stock broker to deal in the stock market.

A demat account holds the shares in digital format. A demat account is like a bank account but it holds securities instead of money.


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