What is ISIN Number?


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ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) is a unique identification number for a security across universe.

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Can you send me the link of text book from NSDL.
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ISIN Number stands for International Security Identification Number: It is a 12 digit Alpha-Numeric Number. Divided into 3 parts

Read the following from Text Book of NSDL

8.2 International Securities Identification Number
Each security issued bears a unique ISIN issued by the International Standards
Organisation (ISO). In India, the task of issuing ISIN of various securities has been
assigned by SEBI to NSDL. For Government securities, allotment of ISIN is done by
Reserve Bank of India. Each member country has a different code according to the
ISIN Standard (ISO 6166).
ISIN is a twelve-character long identification mark. It has three components – a
pre-fix, a basic number and a check digit.
· The pre-fix is a two digit country code as stated under ISO 3166 (IN for India).
· The basic number is made up of nine alphanumeric digits and/or
· The check digit at the end of the ISIN is computed to check the validity of the
ISIN. It is calculated according to the modulus 10 “Double Add Double Check”.
Distinct ISINs are allotted to securities issued by the same company, issued at
different times or carrying different rights of different terms and conditions. Different
ISINs are issued to physical and dematerialized securities of the same issue.
To understand it in a better manner, let’s take an example:
ISIN INE 475C 01 012 has the following break up:
IN - India
E - Company
475C - Company serial number
01 - Equity (it can be mutual fund units, debt or government securities)
01 - Issue number
2 - Check digit
The third E in the above example). It is as
A - Central government security
B - State government security
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Thnk u pawan wadhwa. It was really vry heplful. Thnk u so much ☺
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The eight and the ninth characters
are an abbreviation signifying the
type of security,in your case unsecured
debentures while the third character
indicates the issuer type that is
(company,banking company&statutory corporation)
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The eight and the ninth company,banking company&statutory corporation.
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Hi, I was reading an xls files so I couldn''t get one of the ISIN No.

IN99NTCE0005, IN99REPO0001, IN0020020023 so could you please help me to read what are these no referring for ? I am maily looking for the 9 digit (middle one) I have already aware of the method to calculate the check digit. Please reply as soon as possbile.
4. Pawan Wadhwa   I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse |   Link | Dec 19, 2013 3:13:09 PM Reply
C - Municipal corporation
D - Union Territories
E - Company, Statutory Corporation, Banking Company
F - Mutual funds including UTI
Maximum issuer types can be 35 (A to Z and 0 to 8.)
The characters fourth to seventh represents company identity. The first three
characters are numeric and the fourth character is an alpha character.
The eighth and the ninth character represent security type for a given issuer. Both
the characters are numeric.
Security Type Code
Equity 01
Non Voting Equity 02
Convertible Preference Shares 03
Non Convertible Preference Shares 04
Mutual Fund Units – Close ended 05
Mutual Fund Units – Open ended 06
Secured Debentures 07
Unsecured Debentures 08
Regular Return Bonds – Promissory Notes 09
Floating Rate Bonds 10
Deep Discount Bonds 11
Step Discount Bonds 12
Warrants 13
The tenth and the eleventh characters are serially issued for each security of the
issuer entering the system.
The last number is double-add-double check digit.

I hope it will help
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i have query
1)if 8th & 9th character of isin is 08 what it indicate
2)if 3rd character of isin is E what it indicate
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what do you mean by INE