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Tradejini, a discount stock broker, offers online trading services to its customers. Tradejini offers a range of trading platform to its customer. This includes:

  1. Tradejini Nest Trader (Desktop Trading Platform)
  2. Tradejini- Now Mobile (Mobile Trading App)
  3. Now Trading (Online Trading Website)

1. Tradejini Nest Trader (Desktop Trading Platform)

Developed by Omnesys technologies, Nest Trading Terminal is an advanced platform which is designed keeping active traders in mind to execute order at a faster speed. This trading platform makes trading easy with technical analysis tools, live Intraday charts, live streaming quotes, and customized alerts. Some of the important features of the Tradejini Nest Trading Terminal are-

  • Supports multiple exchanges (NSE, BSE, and MCX) and multiple segments (Equity, Commodities, Currency, Derivatives, MF, F&O).
  • Supports advanced order types such as cover order and bracket order.
  • Create market watchlist by adding the script.
  • Set alerts by choosing the alert value, alert type, exchange symbol, and tools.
  • Place after market order (AMO) when you want to place an order and market window is closed.
  • Check the margin for different product types with 'What If Analysis' feature.
  • Access 100+ technical indicator.
Tradejini Nest Trader

Tradejini Nest Trading Terminal Demo

Nest Trading Terminal offers various trading features to improve the trading experience. In addition, the company also provides short videos explaining different features and common operations.

Steps to access Nest Trading Platform Demo

  1. Visit the company's official website.
  2. Click on 'Technology' available on the top side in the menu.
  3. Now, click on 'Read More' option available with Nest Trading Terminal explanation on the page.
  4. You can choose the demo by clicking on the topic.

Download Nest Trading Terminal

You can download the Tradejini Nest Trading Terminal on a desktop or a laptop. Here are the steps to download Nest Trading Terminal:

  • Visit the home page of Tradejini.
  • Find the 'Downloads' option at the bottom.
  • Select 'Software' and press enter.
  • Download the software matching your system requirements.

2. Tradejini Now Mobile (Mobile Trading App)

NSE Now is the mobile trading app offered by Tradejini to its clients to provide all the advanced features and online trading platform on their smartphone. With Tradejini Now Mobile app, you can monitor, trade and control your portfolio from anywhere and anytime. You can also access the charts and fast streaming NSE quotes even at slow internet speed. Some of the key features of the Tradejini mobile app are-

  • Trade across multiple asset classes including Equities, Derivatives, Currencies, Commodities, and Offer for Sale.
  • Provides real-time access to Intraday charts and quotes.
  • Get information on market trends.
  • Generates various reports, including order book, trade book, net positions and order history.
  • Provides market gainers and losers information on the go.
  • Facilitates to transfer funds online.
  • Offers 'After Market Order' type.
  • Track the portfolio and holdings with ease.
Tradejini NOW Mobile

Tradejini Now Mobile App Download:

Tradejini offers Now Mobile App for free to its clients. You can download the app on your smartphone from the app stores.

3. Now Trading Tradejini (Web-based Platform)

Now Trading is a web-based trading platform offered by Tradejini to its clients through NSE Now Express site. It is the fully automated screen browser-based trading platform. This web-based trader enhances the overall trading experience by providing customizable market watch, comfortable interface to navigate easily, pre-defined market watch list, interactive charts, etc. You can access NSE Now offered by Tradejini without any download or installation. Some of the important features of Tradejini Now Trading platform are-

  • Real-time streaming stock quotes and stock charts.
  • Fast streaming even at slow internet speed.
  • Access NSE servers in real time without any interruption from 3rd party.
  • Get notifications on mobile by mail or SMS.
  • Access advanced charts for technical analysis.
  • Trade all the cash and derivatives products.
  • Get historical and real-time charts.
  • Access smart order routing for automatic order handling.
Tradejini NOW website

Access Tradejini Now Trading Platform

Tradejini users can access the Now web trading platform by following the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of Tradejini.
  • Click on the technology tab provided in the main menu bar.
  • Go down and click on 'Read More' provided under 'Web-Based' heading.
  • Log in with the member ID, user ID and click on Validate followed by a login and authenticate steps.

Tradejini Trading Tools

Besides good online trading platforms, Tradejini also offers its customer various useful trading tools and calculators like-

  • Smart Order: It is a bracket order along with a stop loss order and compulsory target. Smart Order type is available to trade in Equity Cash, Equity F&O, Commodity F&O, and Currency F&O segments.
  • Flash: Tradejini offers flash news application from various sources to keep you updated with the latest market information.
  • Option Calculator: It helps the investors in determining risk and reward potential by calculating Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and Rho.
  • Margin Calculator: Traders can use margin calculator to calculate the margin requirement and benefits of the strategy while trading across different segments.
  • Brokerage Calculator: It provides segregated detailing on Brokerage, Transaction Charges, STT, SEBI Charges and Government Charges.

Tradejini Commodity Trading Software

Tradejini is a registered member of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX) and offers commodity trading facilities. Traders can trade in Equities and MCX with a single ledger or margin. You can access the commodity segment from any of the trading platforms discussed above.

Tradejini Forex Trading Platform

Tradejini, a discount broker, offers trading services in Currency Futures and Currency options. You can trade in currency derivatives using any of the platforms discussed above.

About Tradejini

Tradejini is an online discount broker. In a short span of 7 years, the company has reached a daily turnover of over 1000 crores. It has a presence in over 1000 cities all over India and abroad. It provides trading services in Equity, Currency, Commodity, and Mutual funds, etc.

Facts About Tradejini:

  1. 7+ years old growing startup
  2. 1000+ crores in daily turnover
  3. Offers NSE Now trading platforms
  4. Maximum brokerage charged is Rs 20 per order
  5. Offers prompt online customer support
  6. Offers Jiniversity, an online resource for traders to sharpen their skills


  • Tradejini charges competitive flat fee brokerage and offers quality customer care support.
  • It provides access to NSE NOW platforms which are known for its features and high speed.
  • The discount broker provides its customers with many useful trading tools and calculators.

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