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CompositEdge is a flat fee broker offering online investment and trading services. The broker offers low brokerage plans and allows trading across Equities, Derivatives, Currencies and Commodities. All the trades placed through CompositEdge trading platforms are charged at a flat fee of Rs 15 or 0.006%, whichever is lower, irrespective of the trade value across all the segments.

The broker offers depository services through its membership with CDSL to all types of clients. CompositEdge also offers online mutual fund investment services for resident and NRI investors. The broker doesn't charge any fee for investing in a mutual fund. It offers call & trade facility and charges an additional fee of Rs 15. There are no limitations on placing intraday and delivery trades with CompositEdge.

IPO through CompositEdge

CompositEdge is a discount broker and it doesn't offer online IPO applications. Although it offers Demat account to hold shares after allotment. Composite Edge doesn't offer banking services. CompositEdge clients can apply in an IPO through a bank account and net banking facility. Concerning the broker, you only have to provide the Demat account information to get the shares when you get the allotment. You can sell those shares through your CompositEdge trading account after IPO listing.

To apply in an IPO, you will need a bank account and a Demat account. CompositEdge offers a 2-in-1 account which includes trading and Demat account.

While applying in an IPO through CompositEdge, investors are not required to issue cheques for an IPO. They just need to write the bank account number and the investment will be locked in their bank account till allotment. The money is only debited when the investor gets allotment. Else it is released and available for withdrawal. The investment money blocked earns interest for the period.

Process to apply in IPO with CompositEdge

While CompositEdge doesn't offer online IPO application services, its customers can use ASBA netbanking facility of their bank to apply for an IPO and provide the CompositEdge demat account number. The shares, if allotted, will be credited to this account.

  1. Access net banking facility by logging through the official website of the bank where you have an account.
  2. Click on online investment segment
  3. Choose 'Invest in IPO' option
  4. Select the bank account for the IPO investment
  5. Verify your customer details
  6. Choose the IPO of the company from the list to apply
  7. Enter the following details in the required fields:
  • CompositEdge DP ID
  • Depository Name
  • DP Account Number
  • DP Name

Confirm the Information and Submit it.

You will receive an IPO application confirmation by the end of the day if your application is successfully submitted. When you get allotment, your shares are automatically credited in your CompositEdge Demat account. You can sell the shares after IPO listing by placing a request from the trading account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Can I invest in an IPO through CompositEdge platform?

    CompositEdge offers only limited services. For investing in an IPO, you will need a bank account of a bank that offers ASBA facility apart from CompositEdge Demat account.

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  2. 2. Do I need to issue a cheque for IPO application at CompositEdge?

    No, you are not required to sign a cheque for IPO application. You can apply for an IPO through bank account net banking. Your money will remain in the account and doesn't debited till you get allotment. If you do not get allotment, your money remains in the account and debit doesn't happen.

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  3. 3. Can I buy IPO shares online with CompositEdge?

    No, you cannot buy IPO shares online with CompositEdge. You can only use CompositEdge Demat account to get IPO shares credit. You have to apply in an IPO through your bank account.

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  4. 4. How to sell IPO shares in CompositEdge Demat Account?

    When you get IPO shares in your Demat account, you can easily sell them out by placing a sell request through your trading account.

    Note: You can only place sell request after the IPO is listed in the stock exchange.

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  5. 5. Do I have to pay any fee while applying in IPO through CompositEdge?

    No, you are not required to pay anything to apply in an IPO.

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  6. 6. Does CompositEdge offer online IPO investment platform?

    No, CompositEdge is a discount broker and doesn't offer banking facilities. To apply in an IPO, you have to invest through net banking services offered by the bank where you have a bank account.

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