ODIN Trading Platform Review

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ODIN Trading Platform Review

ODIN is a trading software built by Mumbai based 63 moons technologies limited (formerly known as Financial Technologies (India) Ltd.) The company pioneers in building brokerage technology solutions for broking companies and traders. Some of the brokerage platforms offered by the company for end-use traders are:

  • ODIN Diet
  • NET.net

ODIN Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Trade across all segments and all exchanges from a single platform.
  • High-speed order execution with good stability.
  • Multiple market depth windows
  • Spread and Multi-Leg Order Entry, Bulk Order Entry, and Grid Order Entry
  • Decision Support Tools like Heat Map and Conditional Ticker,
  • Multiple Calculators for Options, Pivots, Extension, Retracement etc.
  • Scrip Alerts and Options Alerts, Event Scanners
  • Advanced, real-time Charts
  • Support for 3rd party integration with APIs
  • Facility for instant fund trader with over 30 banks.
  • Relatively expensive software in comparison to other available trading platforms like Omnesys NEST and NSE NOW.
  • The user interface is average when compared to other trading platforms available in the market.

ODIN Key Features

  • Single platform to trade across multiple exchanges and multiple product segments including IPOs and Mutual Funds
  • Real-time calculation of MTM (mark-to-market) profit & loss
  • Live streaming quotes with facility for direct order placements
  • Create multiple market watch
  • Scrip and Option alerts
  • Greek Neutraliser & Greek Market Watch
  • Event scanners
  • 128 bit SSL Encryption with Two Factor Authentication
  • Seamless integration with back office
  • User personalization choices with Optional UI themes and customizable views
  • Robust, reliable and fast trading experience

Odin Features

Website Yes
Mobile App Yes
Installable Trading Terminal Yes
API's Yes
Online IPO No
Mutual Funds No
Integrated Backoffice Yes
Chart Types
Chart Indicators
Charts in same window

1. Odin Diet Installable Trading Terminal

ODIN Diet Trading Platform

ODIN Diet is an installable trading terminal software that allows traders to trade at lightning speed. The application can be downloaded into a desktop or laptop and facilitates efficient and fast trading. Some of the major features of ODIN Diet are:

  • Market Feed and Order Management: Single screen to trade on multiple exchanges and segments. Get real-time market data and execute smart orders in multiple exchanges. It gives market watch in MS-Excel format to add any number of scrips in addition to dynamic portfolio and basket trading.
  • Alerts and Scanners: Get conditional-based Scrip and Option Alerts. It also has Event Scanner and Advanced Tick Watch to notify you on events of significance. 128 bit SSL Encryption and Two Factor Authentication helps you securely trade.
  • Decision Support Tools: ODIN Diet gives you access to several tools like Greek Neutraliser & Greek Market Watch, Pivot Point Support/ Resistance Watch, Heat Map and Conditional Ticker, Expiry Strategy and Numerous Calculators (Pivots, Options, Extension, Retracement) etc., to decide on your trading strategies. It also offers Research Calls/ Recommendation and Real-time Charts to help you in your trading.
  • Integration: ODIN Diet software is integrated with your broker's Back-Office, Mutual Fund Module, IPO Module, In-house News and 3rd Party News and RSS Feeds to facilitate real-time updates and trading on multiple instruments.
  • Fund Management: The Payment Gateway Integration facilitates fund transfer between your bank and trading account.
  • Customizable: Optional UI themes and customisable views help you design your screen as per your preferences and trading needs.

2. ODIN WAVE Mobile trading application

ODIN Wave Mobile Trading App

ODIN WAVE is a mobile trading application built on open architecture. It is a white application that allows brokers to customize it as per their needs. Some of the major features of the app are:

  • Real-time screeners and charting to augment trade decisions
  • In-app calling to facilitate single click to dealing desk and support team from the app
  • Map integration to locate branch offices of your brokers
  • Customizable colours and fonts

3. NeT.net Web Based Trading Platform

NeT.net is a browser-based online trading software, enabling trading by retail customers through their brokers. It is based on the widely accepted HTML5 platform which provides rich user experience and fast trading. Some of the key features of ODIN's NeT.net are:

  • Single application access to multiple exchanges and segments
  • Real-time market data and charts
  • Single and Multi-Leg Order Entry and Bulk Order Entry
  • Order and Trade Books with History
  • Funds View and Stock View
  • 128 bit SSL Encryption and Two Factor Authentication for secured trading
  • Fund Allocation and Withdrawal
  • Depository Holdings View
  • Multi-lingual support

ODIN Diet software shortcut keys

Shortcut Key Funcion



ODIN Customers Feedback/ Reviews

Most customers who have used ODIN Diet trading platform are happy with its good trading experience and features. However, some customers have complained about its average user interface and high pricing. The company needs to work on the UI of the ODIN trading platform considering other platforms, especially from discount brokers, offer intuitive user interface at much lower fees or at no cost. 


ODIN Diet System Requirements

  1. Operating System-Windows 7 and above
  2. Memory-4GB
  3. Storage-80 GB SSD
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