Best stock trading website for beginners in India

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Best stock trading website for beginners in India

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Out of the many online stock trading websites offered by brokers, it gets really difficult to find the best stock trading site for small investors. Discover the 4 easy steps to follow to find the best website for stock trading for yourself.

Stock trading has evolved over the years. One of the significant changes witnessed is the shift from offline (physical trading) to online stock trading using desktops, laptops and now mobile apps. Brokers too have adapted to the new changes and, in recent times, we have witnessed the emergence of online discount brokers as well as many traditional brokers going online. Today almost all brokers offer access to online trading sites to their customers to trade.

These stock trading websites provide multiple features to traders like:

  • Allow traders to place buy/sell orders
  • Invest in various segments across exchanges
  • Conduct deep analysis using advanced charts
  • Create multiple watchlists to track desired stocks and contracts
  • Transfer funds to trading accounts
  • Access various reports
  • Monitor portfolio performance

Small investors are those who trade in small amounts. They also type of traders who trade less often. Small investors or traders have different needs from high volume traders. And therefore it is essential for them to find the best website for stock trading so that they earn more profits and trade with ease.

Needs of Small Investors

While every small investor's needs are different, here are some of the common trading needs of small investors or traders:

  • Low Brokerage

    One of the influential factors for any trader to choose a stock broker and the online stock trading website is lower brokerage charges. And it makes more sense for small investors to look for a low brokerage trading site so that he can earn more profits.

  • User-friendliness of the website

    Small investors trade less often and therefore are not expected to be very fluent on how a particular website works. So they need to choose a stock trading website which is very user-friendly in placing orders and in using other features of the website.

  • Access to essential features

    Small investors like other traders need a top online trading website that offers essential features like the market watch, charts, reports and market feed etc., to analyze the markets and then trade accordingly.

  • Learning resources

    Small investors are also in the early stage of stock trading. They need to learn on trading opportunities and strategies to identify profitable trades and execute smart strategies. So, they need the best online trading site that offers learning resources in the form of videos, blogs etc., to educate them on the latest of trading.

  • Research Services

    Small investors don't spend a lot of time understanding the market and identifying opportunities. They would need an online trading website that helps them with identifying good trading opportunities and provides them access to reports to quickly understand what's happening in the financial markets.

4 steps to finding the top stock trading websites for small investors

  1. Understand Your Needs

    We have discussed the major needs of small investors above. However, your trading needs, depending on your trading experience, may be different. So, begin with creating a list of trading needs.

  2. Identify Brokers Who Can Meet Your Needs

    The stock market has a large number of stock brokers offering a range of services. Their stock broking websites are also different in features, charges and ease of use. Shortlist a few brokers, around 5 to 6, who you think best meet your trading needs. To help you save time on research, we have compiled a list of top 20 share brokers in India

  3. Enquire About Brokers

    Now you need to know in detail about the brokers you have shortlisted. How good is their online stock trading website? Read the broker reviews, learn about their online trading software and brokerage charges.

  4. Compare to find the best

    By now, you will have a shorter list of 3 to 4 stock broking websites to pick your choice from. It can get a little tricky there. So, do a side-by-side comparison of brokers on various parameters and pick the best online stock trading website for small investors.

ProTip on Saving Money

Don't just rush into opening a trading and a demat account with the best trading website you just selected. Most of the online stock brokers run promotional campaigns wherein they offer new customers special offers like Zero Account Opening Fee, Discounted Brokerage, Free Trading Calls, LifeTime Free Demat Account and so on. So check with your broker or at this website on special promotional offers run by brokers. Please make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the offer as many of the offers are linked to trading turnovers and number of trades etc. Find a good offer and open the account.

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