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Stock Brokers Comparison (Side by Side)

Compare full services brokers and discount brokers at BSE, NSE and MCX. Compare traditional brokers like ICICI Direct vs, Indiabulls, Reliance Money, vs Sharekhan and Motilal Oswal with next generation cheapest discount brokers like Zerodha, 5paisa, Ventura and Upstox (RKSV).

Compare Popular Stock Brokers in India

How to choose a stock broker? Find the best stock broker in India...

100's of Share Brokers offers Online Stock Trading & Demat Account to retail investors in India. Our team of experts analyze top stock brokers and come up with broker reviews (i.e. ICICI Direct Review). The top 10 stock brokers in India - Top 10 Full-Service Brokers & Top 10 Discount Brokers in India.

We provide comparison of brokerage charges, brokerage plans, prepaid brokerage plans and yearly maintenance charge AMC for demat and trading account along with the brokerage review (i.e. ProStocks Brokerage Review). Compare Account Opening Charges, AMC Charges, Account Charges and other pricing.

Our Demat Account Reviews  (i.e. ProStocks Demat Account review) are best in the industry offering DP Charges, AMC, Benefits. We help customers choose the No AMC Demat Account and with demat account opening.

We help you understand Online Trading Platform, Trading Software using Demos of Online Trading Account and Tutorial. Learn about exposure margin and intraday limit by comparing equity margin, equity future margin, options margin and commodity margin.

Mobile Trading App reviews (i.e. ProStocks Mobile App Review) provides detail about mobile app offered the brokers for iPhone and Android Smart Phones.

Visit our questions and answers section to read faq's or ask questions to the team of experts who can help you find the best broker.

By Popular Stock Brokers
Zerodha Review  Zerodha
    Over 6 lakh customers

Free Equity Delivery Trades
Flat 20 Per Trade

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Leading Retail Broker in India

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ProStocks Reivew
    Flat Fee Discount Broker

Rs 899 Unlimited Equity
Rs 499 Unlimited Curr
or Rs 15 per Trade

FREE Trading + Demat Acct

Lowest Transaction Charge
Lowest Call & Trade Fee
Lowest Stamp Duty

Beginner, seasoned investor, active trader or HNI. Get customised solutions.

Rs 0 account opening fee on Online Trading + Demat Acct
(Rs 1150 waived)

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5paisa Review  5paisa

Trade in Cash and F&O at Just Rs 10. Save 95% on Brokerage.

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