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5007. IPOANALYSIS  Aug 19, 2018 14:39 Reply

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

Fair value of stock is not more than 375 rs. Do not buy unless it falls below 375
5007.2. CHD  Aug 19, 2018 20:00

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

...fair value kis chiriya ka naam hai , bhai ...?
It all depends upon the market ....any one individual cannot decide its value ...fai or unfair ...!
5007.3. IPOANALYSIS  Aug 20, 2018 00:09

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

If you apply in any NBFC remember to check their P/B value . If you check most of them are ruling around 2 except bharat financial which is too large. This one has priced at 2.7 P/B
it does not deserve anythiing abive 2 to 2.4. GFair value of stock is not more than 375

I think you people applied for listing gains. Let us see how much profit you make on listing day after brokerage. Lol
5006. IPOANALYSIS  Aug 19, 2018 14:43 Reply

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

If business is in Kerala and that too in rural areas. Kerala is heavily devasted. There is going to be huge NPA in coming time. Also anyway it was an expensive stock. It's fair value is not more than 375 rs. One should not even buy if it falls below 350 for now
5006.1. M K Singh  Aug 19, 2018 16:23

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

Don't worry. It has zero business in kerala.Once listed, it will go up and up only. Its fair value is around 475. I will advise you to buy it even at 475.
5006.2. IPOANALYSIS  Aug 19, 2018 23:43

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

Lol. Many people will be in queue to sell.ut even at 5 rs upside. No-one and even the company itself would have never come at price of 475
5005. Abhishek Shahi  Aug 19, 2018 18:06 Reply

Supreme Engineering Ltd IPO

LM is just doing its professional duty ...'

Promoter is doing business.
5005.1. IPOANALYSIS  Aug 19, 2018 23:29

Supreme Engineering Ltd IPO

lM is also market maker so it's just not duty. LM is most important therefore
5004. AnkurGoel  Aug 19, 2018 23:28 Reply

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

Future of IPOs worth $6.3 billion in limbo due to unpredictable market conditions
31 Companies have adopted 'Wait & Watch' policy due to negative sentiments
5003. IPOANALYSIS  Aug 19, 2018 23:27 Reply

Supreme Engineering Ltd IPO

in issues LM is market maker of issue. It is therefore very important therefore. In sarveshwar foods Asit c Mehta has been LM and did not care to purchase share. good LM will always care of price that's why
5002. AnkurGoel  Aug 18, 2018 22:54 Reply

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

Grey market price exists in those IPOs where allotment chance are less. Since everybody who applied got the allotment except fpi or dii. So it depends on fpi and dii, if those are still interested to buy credit access on listing day.
5002.3. AnkurGoel  Aug 19, 2018 22:16

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

@MK Singh, I think you missed the point. I said it depends on fii or dii to push the price up on listing day if they are interested to buy it.
5002.4. AnkurGoel  Aug 19, 2018 22:17

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

@chd, you are right. Market does not work on any formula. That is why I also applied two lots and tried my luck.
5001. SJ  Aug 19, 2018 21:11 Reply

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

RII > 0.88X
NII > 0.98X
Interest cost 1 rupee
GMP 2 Rupees Seller Tone
5000. prakash kundur  Aug 19, 2018 20:14 Reply

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO


Mumbai-based warship maker Mazagon Dock Ltd has received regulatory nod to float an initial public offering (IPO).

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) issued final observations to Mazagon Dock's IPO on 10 August, according to the website of the capital markets regulator.

Mazagon Dock is the 38th company to receive SEBI approval for an IPO in 2018. As many as 46 companies had received clearance for IPOs in 2017, according to SEBI's website.

The company had filed its draft proposal on 28 March. The IPO size is estimated at Rs 1,500 crore, people in the know had told VCCircle previously.

The government will sell 22.41 million shares, excluding shares reserved for employees, to the public. This will result in a stake dilution of a little more than 10%. The government will get three years from the date of listing to trim its stake to 75% or below as part of SEBI's minimum public float norms.

The company will not receive any proceeds from the offer. The money will go in the government's kitty.

Yes Securities (India), Axis Capital, Edelweiss Financial Services, IDFC Bank and JM Financial are the merchant bankers managing Mazagon Dock's IPO.

Mazagon Dock operated as a small dry dock in Mazagaon village in Mumbai to service the ships of the British East India Company in 1774. The dock was subsequently developed into a ship repair yard and later a ship building yard over the course of two centuries.

The company was incorporated as a private firm in 1934, and was acquired by the government in 1960 to expand its warship development programme.

The company constructs and repairs warships and submarines for use by the Indian Navy and other vessels for commercial clients. It has a maximum shipbuilding and submarine capacity of 40,000 dead weight tonnage (DWT).

Mazagon Dock is India's only shipyard to have built destroyers and conventional submarines for the Indian Navy, besides being one of the initial shipyards to manufacture corvettes.

The company operates under two verticals: One is shipbuilding, under which it builds and repairs naval ships, and second is submarine and heavy engineering, which includes building and repairing diesel electric submarines.

Mazagon Dock is currently building four P-15 B destroyers and four P-17A stealth frigates for the Ministry of Defence for use by the Indian Navy. It is also building five Scorpene class submarines under a transfer of technology agreement with Naval Group.

Since 1960, the company has built 795 vessels, including 25 warships, from advanced destroyers to missile boats and three submarines, besides delivering cargo ships, passenger ships, supply vessels, multipurpose support vessels, water tankers, tugs, dredgers, fishing travellers, barges and border outposts for various customers in India as well as abroad. Its order book stood at Rs 52,760.8 crore as on February 2018.

The company reported consolidated net profit of Rs 285.79 crore for the six months ended September 2017 on revenue (from operations) of Rs 1,751.4 crore. For 2016-17, the company's net profit was Rs 595.62 crore on revenue of Rs 3,530.48 crore.
4999. Bullbear  Aug 19, 2018 18:16 Reply

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

Out of total 516 branches of this co. Only 5 branches in kerala. Maximum 191 branches in karnataka.
4998. Abhishek Shahi  Aug 19, 2018 18:05 Reply

Supreme Engineering Ltd IPO

Not necessarily going with track record of LM..... Company fundamental is not good so not applying.



koi bhi merchant banker .... uske hath me company ke fundamental thodi hote hai.
4997. Hiteshji  Aug 19, 2018 17:49 Reply

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

It will list around 430
4996. SME BADSHAH  Aug 19, 2018 16:02 Reply

Supreme Engineering Ltd IPO

Well Said Hari IPo. It is total avoid.
Aniketiaf :- Why they have not sold the land before & reduce their Debt. Before the IPO every body will say I will do this & that and will reduce the debt in the future. But the company should have performed better & then should have come with issue.Only last year profit has been doubled.Why Key note name is not there as the Lead Manager as it was mentioned in the DRHP earlier. Because investors know the result of Sarveshwar issue brought by them.
Investors please invest your money wisely.
4995. SJ  Aug 19, 2018 14:50 Reply

Add-Shop Promotions Limited IPO

As per today's gujarati daily the promotor started his career at the age of 8 by selling spicy garlic potato under the roof of umbrella !

In its product portfolio it sells weight loss pills , weight gain powder , fairness cream etc.All these are fake products with side effects and the brand is totally unfamiliar.The nice thing is that you will roll your eyes and fall asleep if you hear the price. For eg :
Bathing Soap Bar : 250
Shampoo : 250
Tooth Paste : 350 !
Khadi Night Dress : 2000 !
( who wears and who knows )

By the way Rajkotians and medical shop keepers knows this company the best.
Add this IPO in the avoid list.
4994. IPOANALYSIS  Aug 19, 2018 14:02 Reply

Dangee Dums Limited IPO

25 rs is the fair value of stock. Shame on monarch to come with such issue price despite its recent monarch Issue salebhai cancelled . Hope this one follows the same
4993. IPOANALYSIS  Aug 19, 2018 13:57 Reply

Aaron Industries Limited IPO

Clearly avoid
There profit is all wrong and cannot be justified at all otherwise just think how there is no cash flow and cash in hand. Cash flow is only 5000 rs. Lol
Its actual.profit is only 4 lakh per year and will remain so which is not even 40000 rs per month. Gretex issues are very risky don't take risk otherwise ur money can be halved in such companies
4992. HARI IPO  Aug 19, 2018 12:28 Reply

Supreme Engineering Ltd IPO

It is second sarveshwar food type position i.e equity is 65 lack and debt is Rs. 81 crore and profit is Rs. 4 crore. If you want to see sarveshwar food show again then apply otherwise big avoid
4991. HSK  Aug 19, 2018 11:53 Reply

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

Is there any website to know whether to apply in Equity Mutual Fund NFO?
4990. Yashwant kumar yadav  Aug 18, 2018 22:14 Reply

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

It will be listed above Rs.480 to 520 Dont sell on listing day and touch 650 only 30 day
4990.1. CHD  Aug 19, 2018 11:19

CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPO

...anybody's guess ....a wishful thinking only ....!
4989. santaprasadpanja  Aug 19, 2018 10:42 Reply
4988. Aniketiaf  Aug 19, 2018 07:57 Reply

Supreme Engineering Ltd IPO

Supreme Engineering Ltd.
A Mumbai based company engaged in manufacturing of special alloys As well as wire products.
It is the only company of private sector which is manufacturing exotic alloys steel bars.
Some features of SEL-
1. PAT is growing @ 122% and revenue is growing @ 18.5% since last four years.
2. EPS (before issue) 2.5 and post issue 1.85
3.P/E (before issue) 12.75 and after issue 17.5
4. P/B (post issue) 1.6
5.EBITDA Margin is 17% (FY18)
6. Company has long term debt of 26 cr and short term debt of 55 cr. Total 81 cr debt is the only concern but as the company has a land bank of 24350 square metres so it can easily reduce debt by selling it.
Management has also clarified that they will reduce debt in near future.
I will apply and hold for long term.
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