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Jain vivek's Comments

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20. Jain vivek  Apr 26, 2017 12:14:26 PM IST Reply


IRB will use about ₹3,350 crore for repaying the external debt of the underlying SPVs, and the balance of about ₹1,700 crore would be utilised to pay back the sponsors.

The InvIT will offer 12 per cent yield to mutual funds and 10 per cent to HNIs post taxes.

The six assets have shown a CAGR of 11.4 per cent, he said.
19. Jain vivek  Apr 25, 2017 6:23:02 PM IST Reply

S Chand and Company Ltd IPO

Just wait for the list of anchor investors which should be out by 8pm & then take a call .
18. Jain vivek  Apr 23, 2017 9:34:32 AM IST Reply

Zota Health Care Ltd IPO

Just like S Chand ,zota is also trying to encash on its brand name.
17. Jain vivek  Apr 23, 2017 8:25:19 AM IST Reply

CKP Products Ltd IPO

Oasis came in 2014@ 30/- now quoting around 60.
This company is in similar lines & having better margins, should give decent returns, better then zota.
16. Jain vivek  Apr 22, 2017 1:03:55 PM IST Reply

Zota Health Care Ltd IPO

Opening Date: 27 April 2017

IPO Closing Date: 2 May 2017

Finalization of basis of allotment: 5 May 2017

Initiation of refunds: 8 May 2017

Credit of shares in demat accounts: 9 May 2017

Listing Date: 11 May 2017
15. Jain vivek  Apr 15, 2017 1:06:50 PM IST Reply

Panache Digilife Ltd IPO

No grey market activity in this sme
14. Jain vivek  Apr 6, 2017 5:30:05 PM IST Reply

Dev Information Technology Ltd IPO

72 times subscribed already.
13. Jain vivek  Mar 26, 2017 2:40:55 PM IST Reply

Bohra Industries Limited IPO

Always apply at cut off & wait till the last date to see the subscription figures .
12. Jain vivek  Mar 26, 2017 12:59:10 PM IST Reply

CL Educate Ltd IPO

Taken from ak57

The overall response to the issue was a low key on primarily two grounds. The first is that the company had entered into owning schools and a college which they have recognised as a folly and are in the process of disposing off. This has affected their returns from the capital employed perspective and is hurting the performance of the company and hence the valuations look extremely stretched. Second the last few companies that are in the sector and are listed have done quite badly and have not generated returns for the investors. This leads to a lack of interest in the sector and explains the poor response to the issue. One hopes that the sector and this company in particular does help restore confidence in education.
11. Jain vivek  Mar 26, 2017 8:52:37 AM IST Reply

Bohra Industries Limited IPO

Initiation of refunds: 31 March 2017
Transfer of shares to demat accounts: 31 March 2017

Listing Date: 4 April 2017
11.1. Sakthivel  Mar 26, 2017 2:32:02 PM IST

Bohra Industries Limited IPO

Sir,Can you please suggest.. I will apply cut off price or Bit price.. Because now iam seeing bit price subscribe more than that cut off price in NSE wesite..
10. Jain vivek  Mar 25, 2017 3:09:37 PM IST Reply

Bohra Industries Limited IPO

No premium as of now.
9. Jain vivek  Mar 25, 2017 10:13:17 AM IST Reply

Bohra Industries Limited IPO

As of now , 0.96 times overall.
8. Jain vivek  Mar 25, 2017 7:57:21 AM IST Reply

Bohra Industries Limited IPO

The next agenda of reforms will be in the fertiliser sector,hence worth applying.However for risk averse wait till 2pm to see the over subscription figures.
8.1. hiteshhastimal  Mar 25, 2017 10:05:00 AM IST

Bohra Industries Limited IPO

how much is the issue suscribed brother
i have applied 1 aplication
what u expect how much wil oversuscribe

8.2. Sakthivel  Mar 25, 2017 11:03:17 AM IST

Bohra Industries Limited IPO

Can you please suggest.. I will apply cut off price or Bit price.. Because now iam seeing bit price subscribe more than that cut off price in NSE wesite
6. Jain vivek  Mar 23, 2017 4:00:10 PM IST Reply

Bohra Industries Limited IPO

Worth taking a punt in this issue.Positive returns expected.
6.1. Sakthivel  Mar 23, 2017 5:30:46 PM IST

Bohra Industries Limited IPO

Thanks for your update
5. Jain vivek  Mar 22, 2017 12:20:50 PM IST Reply

Laxmi Cotspin Limited IPO

Not much interest seen as the issue has been subscribed barely 1 times @12 noon
3. Jain vivek  Mar 14, 2017 11:05:04 AM IST Reply

Chemcrux Enterprises Ltd IPO

Low risk high return stock.Worth applying.
2. Jain vivek  Mar 10, 2017 9:58:48 AM IST Reply

Music Broadcast Ltd IPO

Once again CPSE ETF FFO is opening on 14/3 ,this time @ discount of 3.5%
2.2. BADAYA  Mar 10, 2017 6:54:51 PM IST

Music Broadcast Ltd IPO

2.3. ShareView  Mar 10, 2017 8:40:38 PM IST

Music Broadcast Ltd IPO

Thank You BADAYA
1. Jain vivek  Mar 10, 2017 9:10:31 AM IST Reply

Chemcrux Enterprises Ltd IPO

No change of allotment as very heavy over subcription is expected.
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