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  • NSE Daily Circuit Filters - 10% Circuit Filter Stocks

    Circuit Filters or Daily Circuit Filters sets the limit to fluctuations of stock prices. Circuit filters are set by stock exchanges to stop any unduly rising or falling of a stock price.

    They are numeric percent limits set on individual scripts. National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) define circuit filters in 5 categories including 2%, 5%, 10%, 20% and no circuit filter.

    Circuit filters works in either ways. I.e. if circuit set for equity is 10%, stock price cannot move further +10% to lower then -10%.

    Circuit filter changes every day and stock keeps moving between one circuit filter categories to other based on previous day’s closing price. Below is the list of current circuit filters at NSE:

    SymbolSeriesSecurity name
    AARTIINDEQAarti Industries Ltd.
    AFLEQAccel Frontline Limited
    AMBICAAGAREQAmbica Agarbathies & Aroma industries Limited
    ANANTRAJEQAnant Raj Industries Limited
    ANKURDRUGSEQAnkur Drugs And Pharma Limited
    ATLANTAEQAtlanta Limited
    BELCERAMICEQBell Ceramics Ltd
    BINANIINDEQBinani Industries Limited
    CELESTIALEQCelestial Labs Limited
    CIMCOBIRLAEQCimmco Birla Ltd
    COREEMBLGEQCore Emballage Ltd.
    DCMSRMCONSEQDCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd
    DECOLIGHTEQDecolight Ceramics Limited
    DEWANHOUSEQDewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd
    DREDGECORPEQDredging Corporation of India Limited
    EASUNREYRLEQEasun Reyrolle Ltd
    EMKAYEQEmkay Share and Stock Brokers Limited
    ENGINERSINEQEngineers India Limited
    ESSDEEEQEss Dee Aluminium Limited
    GARWALLROPEQGarware Wall Ropes Ltd.
    GMBREWEQGM Breweries Ltd.
    GOLDIAMEQGoldiam International Limited
    GPILEQGodawari Power And Ispat limited
    GUJSIDHCEMEQGujarat Sidhee Cements Ltd
    GVKPILEQGVK Power & Infrastructure Limited
    HINDCOMPOSEQHindustan Composites Ltd
    HINDOILEXPEQHindustan Oil Exploration Co. Ltd
    IGSEQiGate Global Solutions Limited
    INDOWINDEQIndowind Energy Limited
    INFOMEDIAEQInfomedia India Limited
    IOLBEQIOL Broadband Limited
    ISPATINDEQIspat Industries Limited
    ITDCEMEQITD Cementation India Limited
    KALINDEEEQKalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) Limited
    KANORICHEMEQKanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd
    KESARENTEQKesar Enterprises Ltd.
    LANCOINEQLanco Industries Limited
    LAOPALAEQLa Opala RG Limited
    MAGNUMEQMagnum Ventures Limited
    MANALIPETCEQManali Petrochemical Ltd
    MEGASOFTEQMegasoft Limited
    MLLEQMercator Lines Limited
    MOREPENLABEQMorepen Laboratories Ltd
    NAGREEKEXPEQNagreeka Exports Ltd
    NANDANEQNandan Exim Limited
    NBVENTURESEQNava Bharat Ventures Limited
    OCLEQOCL India Ltd.
    PAGEINDEQPage Industries Limited
    PARADYNEEQParadyne Infotech Limited
    PARALEQParekh Aluminex Limited
    PBAINFRAEQPBA Infrastructure Limited
    PDUMJEAGROEQPudumjee Agro Industries Ltd
    PFOCUSEQPrime Focus Limited
    RAMCOSYSEQRamco Systems Limited
    RATNAMANIEQRatnamani Metals & Tubes Limited
    SALORAINTLEQSalora International Ltd.
    SALSTEELEQS.A.L. Steel Limited
    SANGHIPOLYEQSanghi Polyesters Ltd.
    SB&TINTLEQSB&T International Ltd
    SHARRESLTDEQSharyans Resources Ltd.
    SHREEASHTAEQShree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Limited
    SUNFLAGEQSunflag Iron & Steel Limited
    SURANAINDEQSurana Industries Limited
    SURYAJYOTIEQSuryajyoti Spinning Mills Limied
    TIPSINDLTDEQTIPS Industries Limited
    TOKYOPLASTEQTokyo Plast International Ltd
    TRICOMEQTricom India Limited
    TRIGYNEQTrigyn Technologies Limited
    TVSELECTEQTVS Electronics Limited
    VINDHYATELEQVindhya Telelinks Ltd.
    VIPINDEQVIP Industries Ltd.
    WENDTEQWendt (India) Ltd.
    ZENITHCOMPEQZenith Computers Limited
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