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-9.86% 6,535 Clients

Sunidhi Securities & Finance Ltd (Sunidhi Securities), a Mumbai-based broking house operates in equity cash market, equity derivatives, currency futures and debt market segments. Other services offered by the company includes demat services, research services and

  • Distribution of Financial Products
  • like mutual funds, IPOs amongst others. Sunidhi Securities has membership in equity cash and derivative segments of both NSE and BSE. It also acts as a DP with CDSL. The company facilitates commodity trading through its associate entity, Sunidhi Commodities Pvt Ltd. The company primarily caters to retail and institutional clients.

    Market Segments

    1. Equity Cash
    2. Equity Futures & Options
    3. Currency Futures & Options
    4. Debt

    Products & Services

    1. Trading in Equity Cash
    2. Trading in Equity Derivatives
    3. Trading in Currency Derivatives
    4. Trading in Debt
    5. Research Services
    6. Others

    SEBI Registration Number

    1. BSE: INB010676436
    2. NSE: INB230676436


    22, Rajabahadur Mansion, 3rd Floor, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Mumbai – 400001, Maharashtra

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    Sunidhi Securities Complaints received at BSE/NSE

    Number of customer complained against Sunidhi Securities & Finance Limited share broker. The Sunidhi Securities & Finance Limited consumer complaints provide the summary of grievance which went to exchange for resolution.

    Sunidhi Securities Customer Complaints

    Exchange Financial Year Number of Clients * Total Complaints **
    NSE 2018-19 6,535 1
    BSE 2017-18 7,505 2
    NSE 2017-18 7,250 4
    NSE 2016-17 5,809 1
    BSE 2015-16 7,167 1
    NSE 2015-16 5,179 2
    BSE 2014-15 5,963 2
    NSE 2014-15 5,550 2
    BSE 2013-14 42,609 1
    NSE 2013-14 4,724 1
    NSE 2012-13 40,381 1
    BSE 2011-12 40,362 1
    NSE 2011-12 38,528 2

    * Number of active customers. As per SEBI guidelines each broker reports the detail of active clients to the exchange through unique client code (ucc) process every month.

    ** The total number of complaint received against the broker at the given exchange.

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    1. Ganpat  Oct 14, 2018 23:54 Reply
    Lot of improvement is needed.


    Brokerage - Very Poor
    Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
    Website Usability - Very Poor
    Customer Service - Very Poor
    Overall Experience - Very Poor

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