Top 10 IPO in India 2018 (Mainboard IPO at BSE, NSE)

A list of the top 10 best performing IPO in India 2018. Find the best IPO shares of 2018 based on their performance calculated with IPO offer price and current market price.

Some IPO's perform exceptionally well while others got a poor response from investors.

We closely track the Mainline IPO Performance of shares listed at BSE and NSE. Following reports provide the list of IPO shares listed in 2018 and gave maximum profit to the investors.

Watch 10 most popular IPO companies of the year 2018. The share of these companies listed in the year 2018 and gave the highest return among all other IPO's.

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Check the Biggest IPO Gainers, Best Performing IPO in India and the Most Profitable IPO at BSE and NSE.

Top 10 IPO in India 2018 (By Performance)

Company Name Listing Date Issue Price (Rs) Current Price at BSE (Rs) Current Price at NSE (Rs) Gain (%)
Amber Enterprises India LimitedJan 30, 20188593183.53180.2270.61
Fine Organic Industries LimitedJul 02, 20187832557.052557.45226.57
Karda Construction LtdApr 02, 2018180111.9111.85210.83
Aavas Financiers LimitedOct 08, 20188212209.952208.95169.18
HDFC Asset Management Company LimitedAug 06, 201811002784.72783.35153.15
Mishra Dhatu Nigam LimitedApr 04, 201890179.5179.699.44
Galaxy Surfactants LimitedFeb 08, 201814802606.952600.576.15
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers LimitedOct 10, 2018118176.3176.249.41
CreditAccess Grameen LimitedAug 23, 2018422560.7560.632.87
RITES LimitedJul 02, 2018185236.8236.928


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Top100 IPO in India - BSE, NSE
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