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SME IPO 2014 - Performance by Listing & Current Gains (BSE SME, NSE Emerge)

A list of all SME IPO in 2019 with their listing gains and profit/loss as per the current market price. This SME IPO Performance Tracker covers all SME IPO shares listed in the calendar year 2019.

SEBI, the market regulator in India allowed SME companies to get listed at SME platform of BSE and NSE stock exchanges in the year 2012. Many companies took this opportunity to raise funds and get benefited by listing at BSE SME and NSE Emerge platform.

Find the best SME IPO in India, worst SME IPO, and how SME IPO's has done after listing the stock exchanges.

Visit our SME IPO Performance Tracker tracks each and every SME Shares listed at the exchange.

Also, find:

The SME IPO Listing Gains report for all SME IPO in 2019. Also, find SME IPO Gain in the long term.

SME IPO Performance 2014

Company Name Listing Date Issue Price (Rs) Listing Day - Close Price (Rs) Listing Day Gain / Loss (%) Current Price
at BSE (Rs)
Current Price
at NSE (Rs)
Gain / Loss (%) Recommendation by Dilip Davda
Anubhav Infrastructure LtdDec 12, 20141514.15-5.673.46-76.93avoid
Captain Pipes LtdDec 11, 20144039.85-0.3764.761.75avoid
Aanchal Ispat LtdDec 10, 2014202152315avoid
Jet Infraventure LimitedNov 25, 2014125129.13.2870.05-43.96avoid
JLA Infraville Shoppers LimitedNov 12, 20141011.6163.6-64avoid
Starlit Power Systems LimitedOct 22, 20141818.955.2813.04-27.56avoid
ADCC Infocad LimitedOct 22, 20144045.6514.13197.9394.75subscribe
Powerhouse Fitness and Realty LtdOct 21, 20143031.551.66-94.47avoid
Vibrant Global Capital LimitedOct 21, 201419205.2655.2190.53avoid
Aryaman Capital Markets LtdOct 20, 20141212.43.3334183.33avoid
Dhabriya Polywood LimitedOct 17, 20141516.7511.6796.75545subscribe
Momai Apparels LimitedOct 16, 20147879.72.18subscribe
Atishay Infotech LimitedOct 16, 20141618.4515.3146.9193.13subscribe
Ultracab India LtdOct 10, 20143638.055.69181.35403.75avoid
Encash Entertainment LtdSep 29, 20144046.215.5avoid
Naysaa Securities LtdSep 25, 20141514.65-2.3329.798avoid
Sirohia & Sons LtdSep 24, 20141211.8-1.67avoid
Vishal Fabrics LtdAug 20, 20144546.94.22128.9472.89avoid
Carewell Industries LtdAug 12, 20141513.65-95.77-61.53avoid
Bhanderi Infracon LtdAug 08, 2014120107.85-10.13avoid
Oasis Tradelink LtdJul 14, 20143034.113.67avoid
Bansal Roofing Products LtdJul 14, 20143030.51.6759.9599.83avoid
Tarini International LtdJun 26, 20144141.92.219.5-52.44avoid
Dhanuka Commercial LtdJun 11, 2014109.75-2.5101.4914avoid
SPS Finquest LtdJun 03, 20147575.550.738310.67avoid
GCM Capital Advisors LtdMay 21, 20142035.2768.4-58avoid
R & B Denims LtdApr 22, 20141011.0510.548.65386.5avoid
Women's Next Loungeries LtdApr 21, 20146567.53.85avoid
Oceanaa Biotek Industries LtdApr 03, 20141010.112.73-72.7avoid
Shri Krishna Prasadam LtdMar 28, 20141012.4524.5avoid
Anisha Impex LtdMar 18, 20141014.3543.5204.251942.5avoid
Karnimata Cold Storage LtdMar 18, 20142030506-70avoid
B C Power Controls LtdMar 14, 20141818.10.566.8790.83avoid
Sanco Industries LtdMar 12, 201418190955.5621.4519.17avoid
SI VI Shipping Corporation LtdMar 06, 20142526.14.438.554avoid
Unishire Urban Infra LtdFeb 28, 20141011.4514.53.25-67.5avoid
Polymac Thermoformers LtdFeb 26, 20143535.852.4333.4-4.57avoid
Agrimony Commodities LtdFeb 18, 20141014.3543.57.14-28.6avoid
Chemtech Industrial Valves LtdJan 31, 20141514.95-0.3312.94-13.73avoid
Suyog Telematics LtdJan 22, 20142525.251400.051500.2avoid
RCI Industries & Technologies LtdJan 21, 20144038.05-4.888.9-77.75avoid


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