SME IPO Listing 2020

SME IPO listing date is the date when a new SME IPO list in NSE Emerge and BSE SME exchange. SME IPO shares become tradable beyond this day. Anyone can buy the shares of the company listed from the open market. The SMEIPO listing price is based on the demand and supply of the company shares in the market. The SME IPO listing gains are unpredictable.

BSE and NSE stock exchanges publish a notice or circular for upcoming SME IPO listing status. This notice includes the date and other detail about the listing of SME Company.

SME IPO Listing Time

  • 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM - Pre-open Trading Session
  • 9:45 AM to 10:00 AM - Price Discovery
  • 10:00 AM Onwards - Normal Trading

Similar to main board IPO, each exchange has a pre-open trading session for SME IPO shares on their listing day. In this session, the orders are entered, modified and canceled. No orders get executed in this session. For the next 15 minutes, the SME IPO listing price is discovered based on the orders received in the pre-open session and the pre-open session orders get executed. The normal trading is commenced just after that.

We publish information about SME IPO listing list, history, price, and process. Check recent SME IPO and there listing price and get the latest SME IPO listing today below:

SME IPO Listing 2020 - Listing Date, Time and Status

Company Name Listing Date Issue Price (Rs) Listing Day - Close Price (Rs) Listing Day Gain / Loss (%) Current Price
at BSE (Rs)
Current Price
at NSE (Rs)
Gain / Loss (%)
Net Pix Shorts Digital Media LimitedDec 02, 20203030.050.1737.3524.5
Shine Fashions (India) LtdNov 02, 20204039.55-1.1334.95-12.63
Bodhi Tree Multimedia LtdOct 21, 20209595.80.8466.85-29.63
Veer Global Infraconstruction LimitedOct 19, 20202829.55.36181.95549.82
Sigma Solve LimitedOct 19, 20204545.10.22218.65385.89
Atal Realtech LtdOct 15, 20207266.7-7.3671.15-1.18
G M Polyplast LimitedOct 14, 2020159167.55.35996.75526.89
AAA Technologies LimitedOct 13, 20204243.63.817578.57
Atam Valves LtdOct 06, 20204039.05-2.38166.95317.38
SecMark Consultancy LimitedOct 01, 2020135127.3-5.786-36.3
Advait Infratech LimitedSep 28, 20205151.551.086171109.8 LtdAug 28, 202010599.75-529.2-72.19
Suratwwala Business Group LtdAug 13, 20201516.228.13219.451363
Bonlon Industries LtdJul 13, 20202821.5-23.2164128.57
Ksolves India LtdJul 06, 2020100106.96.9422.95322.95
Billwin Industries LtdJun 30, 20203737.10.2742.3514.46
Nirmitee Robotics India LtdApr 21, 20201851892.1684.65-54.24
Laxmi Goldorna House LtdApr 16, 20201515024.4563
DJ Mediaprint & Logistics LtdApr 13, 20202020.84187835
Cospower Engineering LtdMar 30, 20205153.14.12147188.24
RO Jewels LtdMar 25, 20203636029.95-16.81
SM Auto Stamping LtdMar 16, 20201818037.7109.44
ICL Organic Dairy Products LtdFeb 17, 20202021.8963.45217.25
Chandra Bhagat Pharma LtdFeb 14, 20205151.751.47110.65116.96
Janus Corporation LtdFeb 06, 20205048.5-310.4-79.2
Madhav Copper LtdFeb 06, 202010299.75-2.2125.85-74.66
Tranway Technologies LtdFeb 05, 20201011.6516.512.929
HindPrakash Industries LtdJan 27, 20204041.33.25100.45151.13
Vaxtex Cotfab LimitedJan 13, 20202424.83.33987.5
Gian Life Care LimitedJan 13, 20202222019.5-11.36
Valencia Nutrition LtdJan 06, 20204646.952.0721.8-52.61


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