Most Subscribed IPOs in 2010

Most Subscribed IPO in 2010 | Top 10 Successful IPOs of 2010

When the number of shares applied for is far greater than the number of shares offered in an issue, it leads to an oversubscription. An oversubscribed issue is generally presumed to be successful ones with possibility of premium listing due to the huge demand.

The IPO subscription status and allotment has an inverse relation. The higher the subscription lesser are the chances of allotment and vice versa.

Listed below are the Top 10 Oversubscribed IPOs of 2010 with breakup of subscription across investor categories and their listing gains.

Top 10 Successful IPOs of 2010 (Based on Subscription)

# Issue Name Issue Size (Rs Cr) Oversubscribed (x) QIB (x) NII (x) Retail (x) Employee (x) Others (x) Listing Date Offer Price (Rs) Listing Day - Close Price (Rs) Listing Day Gain / Loss (%)
1Persistent Systems Limited168.0193.6144.43107.7321.690.61Apr 06, 201031040831.61
2DQ Entertainment (International) Ltd128.1686.3393.86272.8819.450.36Mar 29, 201080108.5535.69
3Man Infraconstruction Ltd141.7562.5396.06104.5710.260.01Mar 11, 2010252348.2538.19
4MOIL Limited1237.5156.4349.16143.332.860.57Dec 15, 2010375466.524.4
5Punjab & Sind Bank470.8250.7549.885.8444.451.61Dec 30, 2010120127.055.88
6ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd10347.6249.34124.5318.55Mar 03, 2010450736.363.62
7Career Point Infosystems Ltd11547.3947.45101.9331.741.07Oct 06, 2010310632.35103.98
8Gravita India Ltd4542.886.04182.5237.341.17Nov 16, 2010125210.468.32
9D B Corp Limited384.2239.5468.5226.173.42Jan 06, 2010212265.925.42
10VA Tech Wabag Ltd12536.2236.13100.988.55Oct 13, 201013101709.430.49
  • The offer price above is the highest price from the IPO price band.
  • The listing price reflected above is of the exchange where the listing price is higher.
  • (x) meaning 'number of times'
  • Investor Categories:
    • QIB - QIB includes SEBI registered Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), Banks, Mutual Funds and financial institutions.
    • NII - NII includes Individual investors, NRIs, companies, trusts etc who bid for more than Rs 2 lakhs.
    • Retails - Retails include the individual investor who apply up to Rs 2,00,000 in an IPO.
    • Employee - Certain companies have a reserved quota for their employees in an IPO.
    • Others - Any other eligible shareholder other than above who have a reserved quote in an IPO.


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