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Lifetime Free Demat Account (AMC Free)

Lifetime Free Demat Account (AMC Free, No AMC, Zero AMC)

Opening Demat account is the first step towards investing in the stock market, mutual funds, IPO and NCD's in India.

In layman terms; the Demat account is similar to a bank account. The major difference is; instead of keeping the money, you keep shares, mutual funds or bonds in electronic format in Demat account. Keeping stocks and Mutual Funds in the demat account has many advantages including higher security and faster transactions.

Demat AMC is an annual maintenance charge paid by the customer to keep the account active. Even if you use it or not, as long as you hold the demat account, you have to pay the AMC.

AMC Free Demat Account

Some broker in India offers Free AMC Demat Account. Customer doesn't have to pay any yearly charges under this scheme. Some conditions may be applied including onetime fee at the time of account opening or refundable deposits. Check with the broker for more detail.

Lifetime Free Demat Account

Demat accounts which are offered free of AMC for a lifetime of the account. These accounts are the best demat account for beginners as it reduces the cost. Brokers who offer Lifetime Demat Account usually ask for a onetime fee or a small refundable deposit of say Rs 1000.

Open Free AMC Demat Account Online

The first steps towards open demat account free online is to find an appropriate broker to suit your investment needs. The below list provides the broker offering lifetime free demat account. Click on the broker name below to read broker review. Fill the inquiry forms to request the callback from the broker.

Lifetime Free Demat Account (Demat Account without AMC)

Broker Broker Type Demat Account Opening Fee Demat Account AMC Review

Open Account
Discount Broker₹0 (Free)₹0 per year (Lifetime Zero AMC)Finvasia Review

Open Account
Discount BrokerRegular: ₹0, Lifetime Free AMC: ₹1000Regular Demat: ₹300, Lifetime free AMC Demat: ₹0iTradeOnline Review

Open Account
Discount Broker₹0 (Free)₹0 (Lifetime Zero AMC)Prostocks Review

Open Account
Discount Broker₹0 (Free)₹0 for lifetime (Free)RMoney Review

Open Account
Full Service BrokerRegular: ₹0, Lifetime Free AMC: ₹1000Regular Demat: ₹300, Lifetime free AMC Demat: ₹0Trustline Review
Wisdom Capital

Open Account
Discount Broker₹0 (Free)₹999 (Lifetime)Wisdom Capital Review


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