Current Buyback List (Open Market) 2022

An open offer buyback is an offer by the company to buy back its own shares from the open market, either through the Stock exchange or the book-building process. The Open Market offer through the stock exchange mechanism is more popular and common compared to the book-building process.

In an open offer through the stock exchange mechanism, the company announces the maximum buyback size and the maximum buyback price. The investors in possession of the stock can approach their respective brokers to know the process to participate in the open market offer.

Refer below to the list of Open Market Offers Through Stock Exchange Mechanism.


Issue open

List of Buyback (Open Market) of Shares in India 2022

Company Name Record Date Issue Open Issue Close Buyback Type BuyBack price (Per Share) Current Market Price Issue Size - Shares (Cr) Issue Size - Amount (Cr)
CL Educate LimitedMay 27, 2022Jul 29, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange170151.0510
Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals LtdOpen Market Through Stock Exchange702625.611.6
Mindteck (India) LimitedAug 24, 2022Feb 23, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange180140.3513.7
Windlas Biotech LimitedNov 21, 2022May 20, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange325261.8525
International Conveyors LimitedNov 03, 2022May 03, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange7559.629.7
Cigniti Technologies LimitedMay 27, 2022Jun 29, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange500546.638
Pennar Industries LimitedMar 23, 2022Sep 22, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange5062.440
Marksans Pharma LtdJul 15, 2022Jan 14, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange6058.360
Atul LimitedApr 07, 2022May 09, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange110008893.4570
SMC Global Securities LtdMay 20, 2022Aug 16, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange11579.275
TCI Express LimitedAug 18, 2022Feb 13, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange20501865.5575
Indian Energy Exchange LtdOpen Market Through Stock Exchange200150.298
Route Mobile LimitedJul 11, 2022Aug 29, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange17001348.6120
Kaveri Seed Company LtdNov 07, 2022May 06, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange700515.3125.65
Techno Electric & Engineering Company LimitedJul 20, 2022Jan 19, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange325322.05130
Balrampur Chini Mills LimitedNov 16, 2022May 15, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange360386.5145.45
Emami LimitedFeb 09, 2022Aug 08, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange550459.55162
The Great Eastern Shipping Company LimitedJan 07, 2022Jul 06, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange333693.85225
UPL LimitedApr 07, 2022May 20, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange875783.81100
Bajaj Auto LimitedJul 04, 2022Oct 10, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange46003659.22500
Infosys LimitedOpen Market Through Stock Exchange18501638.559300
ACC LimitedAug 26, 2022Sep 09, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange23002608.911259.98


  1. An open market offer through stock exchange mechanism remains open for a maximum period of six months. However, if the company achieves its target of the Maximum buyback size before six months, the issue can be closed early.
  2. There is no concept of record date in the open market offer. As the open market buyback window is longer, you can buy the shares from the market and then participate in the buyback offer through your broker.
  3. The buyback does not happen at a fixed price. The transaction can either execute at the maximum buyback price announced by the company or at a price lower than it.