IPO Performance Analysis 2007 - Listing Day Gain & Post-IPO Performance

The IPO Performance Analysis 2007 for listing day gain (IPO performance first day). Also, find the post-IPO performance of mainboard IPO's in India 2007. The performance after IPO considers the IPO price and the current market price.

Initial Public Offer (IPO) is used by privately held companies to raise funds from the public and get listed at the stock exchanges. 100's of companies get listed at BSE and NSE through IPO route. Some IPO company shares have higher demand in public. This result in oversubscription of the IPO and listing day gains.

Find the biggest IPO gainers and top looser IPO of 2007. Compare companies by their IPO listing day performance and post-IPO performance (gain/loss as per the current market price of company shares).

The yearly IPO performance analysis report is to check IPO performance of the last 5 years, first year IPO performance of the company and best IPO performance.

IPO Performance Analysis 2007 - Listing Day Gain & Post-IPO Performance

Company Name Listing Date Issue Price (Rs) Listing Day - Close Price (Rs) Listing Day Gain / Loss (%) Current Price
at BSE (Rs)
Current Price
at NSE (Rs)
Gain / Loss (%) Recommendation by Dilip Davda
Brigade Enterprises LimitedDec 31, 2007390378.55-2.94251.85251.6-35.42sub_long
eClerx Services LimitedDec 31, 2007315448.342.321163.11165.95269.24subscribe
Transformers and Rectifiers India LtdDec 28, 200746572856.5617.617.6-62.15other
Jyothi Laboratories LimitedDec 19, 2007690793.715.03139.15139.30.83subscribe
Kaushalya Infrastructure Dev Corp LtdDec 14, 20076082.2537.081.451.4-97.58subscribe
Kolte-Patil Developers LimitedDec 13, 2007145181.4525.14235.4235.662.34other
Renaissance Jewellery LimitedDec 12, 2007150164.89.87390.25160.17subscribe
Edelweiss Capital LimitedDec 12, 20078251509.9583.0263.7563.65-61.36other
Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone LtdNov 27, 2007440961.7118.57755.35755.5758.35subscribe
Empee Distilleries LimitedNov 26, 2007400317.9-20.53sub_long
Allied Computers International (Asia) LtdNov 23, 20071237.7214.17subscribe
Rathi Bars LtdNov 23, 20073531.9-8.8616.85-51.86subscribe
Religare Enterprises LimitedNov 21, 2007185521.718291.4591.5-50.57subscribe
Maytas Infra LimitedOct 25, 2007370614.366.033.4-99.08sub_long
Saamya Biotech India LtdOct 19, 20071015.353subscribe
Supreme Infrastructure India LtdOct 18, 2007108175.2562.2714-87.04other
Consolidated Construction Consortium LtdOct 15, 2007510791.4555.190.5-99.51sub_long
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.Oct 05, 200752100.6593.56209.9209.85303.65subscribe
Kaveri Seed Company LimitedOct 04, 2007170230.135.35570.8569.81578.82sub_long
Magnum Ventures LimitedSep 20, 20073048.762.334.455.6-85.17sub_long
Indowind Energy LimitedSep 14, 200765114.0575.463.8-94.15avoid
Motilal Oswal Financial Services LtdSep 11, 2007825977.4518.48605.05604.5266.7other
Puravankara Projects LimitedAug 30, 2007400361.75-9.5667.2567.25-66.38sub_long
K.P.R. Mill LimitedAug 28, 2007225173.5-22.891183.351187.45951.87subscribe
TAKE Solutions LimitedAug 27, 2007730926.526.9247.147.15-35.48sub_long
Asian Granito India LtdAug 23, 20079794.75-2.32159.75159.6564.69other
Central Bank of IndiaAug 21, 2007102115.413.1417.117.15-83.24other
Central Bank of IndiaAug 21, 2007102115.413.1417.117.15-83.24other
Central Bank of IndiaAug 21, 2007102115.413.1417.117.15-83.24other
SEL Manufacturing Company LtdAug 21, 200790142.858.671.14-98.73sub_long
Refex Refrigerants LimitedAug 20, 20076562-4.62104.15104.0560.23subscribe
Refex Refrigerants LimitedAug 20, 20076562-4.62104.15104.0560.23sub_long
Zylog Systems LimitedAug 17, 2007350431.123.17subscribe
Omnitech InfoSolutions LimitedAug 14, 2007105164.5556.71subscribe
Omaxe LimitedAug 09, 2007310349.9512.8966.9567.2-78.4subscribe
Alpa Laboratories LimitedAug 06, 20076855.6-18.2449.5549.45-27.13subscribe
Simplex Projects LimitedAug 03, 2007185272.0547.05subscribe
Everonn Systems India LimitedAug 01, 2007140478.45241.75sub_long
Allied Digital Services LimitedJul 25, 2007190331.874.6347.947.8-49.58
Housing Development and Infrastructure LtdJul 24, 2007500558.611.724.86-99.03
Suryachakra Power Corporation LtdJul 23, 20072022.3511.750.42-97.9other
Celestial Labs LimitedJul 17, 20076067.212other
BEML LTD (Bharat Earth Movers Ltd)Jul 17, 200710751196.611.311218.61215.413.36subscribe
Ankit Metal & Power LtdJul 10, 20073636.952.640.990.95-97.25subscribe
Roman Tarmat LimitedJul 09, 2007175319.8582.7745.546.1-74subscribe
ICICI Bank LimitedJul 06, 2007890981.5510.29566.6566.95218.31sub_long
DLF LimitedJul 05, 2007525570.058.58252.5252.45-51.9subscribe
Vishal Retail LtdJul 04, 2007270752.2178.59109.45109.2-59.46subscribe
Vishal Retail LtdJul 04, 2007270752.2178.59109.45109.2-59.46subscribe
Meghmani Organics LimitedJun 28, 20071926.6540.26122.45122.4544.47subscribe
Nelcast LimitedJun 27, 2007219206.25-5.8264.9564.9548.29sub_long
Nelcast LimitedJun 27, 2007219206.25-5.8264.9564.9548.29sub_long
Time Technoplast LimitedJun 13, 2007315480.3552.4975.275.15138.73subscribe
Nitin Fire Protection Industries LtdJun 05, 2007190484.1154.790.6-98.42avoid
Asahi Songwon Colors LtdJun 04, 20079089.95-0.06321.15320.15256.83avoid
Asahi Songwon Colors LtdJun 04, 20079089.95-0.06321.15320.15256.83subscribe
MIC Electronics LimitedMay 30, 2007150335.65123.770.690.75-97.7avoid
Insecticides India LtdMay 30, 2007115109.5-4.78465.95467.25305.17subscribe
Hilton Metal Forging LtdMay 24, 20077067.6-3.4312.7512.65-81.79avoid
Bhagwati Banquets And Hotels LtdMay 17, 20074050.6526.634.664.65-88.35subscribe
Fortis Healthcare LtdMay 09, 2007108100-7.41203.4203.6588.33subscribe
Advanta India LimitedApr 19, 2007650850.0530.78avoid
ICRA LimitedApr 13, 2007330797.6141.73296.83296.25899.03Neutral
Orbit Corporation LimitedApr 12, 2007110127.9516.32subscribe
Gremach Infrastructure LtdApr 11, 20078683.95-2.38subscribe
Astral Poly Technik LimitedMar 20, 2007115104.55-9.091679.751678.0514506.52avoid
Jagjanani Textiles LimitedMar 19, 20072523.15-7.40.55-97.8other
Abhishek Mills LtdMar 19, 200710091.15-8.85avoid
AMD Metplast LimitedMar 19, 20077578.34.417.5522.15-76.6avoid
Lawreshwar Polymers LtdMar 19, 20071614-12.528.3577.19avoid
Raj Television Network LtdMar 16, 2007257225.95-12.0831.531.85-75.49avoid
Page Industries Ltd (Jockey India)Mar 16, 2007360282.1-21.6430230.530217.88297.36subscribe
Idea Cellular LimitedMar 09, 20077585.5514.078.838.85-88.23subscribe
Mudra Lifestyle LimitedMar 09, 20079063.8-29.114.48-95.02avoid
Euro Ceramics LimitedMar 09, 2007165118.65-28.091.11-99.33subscribe
MindTree Consulting LimitedMar 07, 2007425620.345.952067.62069.65386.49subscribe
Oriental Trimex LimitedMar 07, 20074829.45-38.656.766.65-85.92avoid
Broadcast Initiatives LimitedMar 07, 200712069.4-42.17
Indian BankMar 01, 20079198.38.02103.1103.213.3avoid
SMS Pharmaceuticals LimitedFeb 28, 2007380357.85-5.83140.4140.6269.47subscribe
C & C Constructions LimitedFeb 26, 2007291239.9-17.565.02-98.27subscribe
Transwarranty Finance LtdFeb 26, 20075247.25-9.132.522.85-95.15subscribe
Power Finance Corporation Ltd.Feb 23, 200785111.5531.24109.1109.128.35subscribe
Firstsource Solutions LimitedFeb 22, 20076479.624.38116.5116.6582.03subscribe
House of Pearl Fashions LtdFeb 15, 2007550469.4-14.65183.35183.8-66.66subscribe
Redington (India) LimitedFeb 15, 2007113163.2544.47174.45174.75671.9subscribe
Cinemax India LtdFeb 14, 2007155152.35-1.7131.731.05-59.1avoid
Technocraft Industries (India) LtdFeb 12, 2007105100.9-3.9379.6379.95261.52subscribe
Pochiraju Industries LimitedFeb 09, 20073049.1563.83subscribe
Global Broadcast News LtdFeb 08, 2007250510.1104.0428.1528.15-43.7subscribe
Akruti Nirman LimitedFeb 07, 20075405644.4415.1120.55-97.2subscribe
Cambridge Technology Enterprises LtdFeb 07, 20073899.95163.0327.3527.55-28.03
Autoline Industries LimitedJan 31, 2007225257.9514.6435.835.8-84.09subscribe
Lumax Auto Technologies LtdJan 16, 200775110.647.47152.25153.25915avoid
Cairn India LtdJan 09, 2007160137.5-14.06
Tanla Solutions LtdJan 05, 2007265379.843.32920.55921.85594.75


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